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10 Advanced Photoshop Tricks Used By TOP JAPANESE ILLUSTRATORS | Rolua Study

I’ve analyzed Rolua’s insane workflow to show you his 10 most used tricks for digital anime-style illustration in Photoshop. Compared to other top Japanese illustrators, Rolua is a monster when it comes to using Photoshop tools.

Extra Notes:
📚 My Study Notes (Notion LInk):

Rolua’s Socials:
📁 Pixiv Fanbox (PSD Files):
🎨 Youtube (Time-lapse): @ろるあ/Rolua
🎨 Pixiv:
🎨 Twitter:
📄 Live Paint + Interview:

Artists Mentioned:
🎨 Kei Mochizuki:
🎨 Mogoon/ Modare:
🎨 Rella:
🎨 Yoneyama Mai:

00:00 Intro
00:27 1. Outer Glower
00:55 2. Inner Glow
01:24 3. Lock Transparent Pixel
01:48 4. Linear Dodge (Add)
02:15 5. Coloring With Curves ⭐
03:17 6. Coloring With Gradient Map
03:56 7. Levels, Hue Saturation, LUTs
04:23 8. Camera Raw
04:41 9. Filter Gallery
05:12 10. Rolua’s Finishing Touches

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  1. I think the last one was some kind of lens aberretion effect where chroma lvl gets a little offset when the camera lens is built cheap…… its called Chromatic Aberretion in photography terms.

  2. My monkey brain can't comprehend haha I rarely ever use anything in my app other than the brushes and colors. That's it lmao I just raw dog the whole thing because I self-taught purely on trad 😅
    I'll keep these in mind though for when I'm in the mood to actually explore the available settings more. Thank you for breaking them down 😁

  3. I seriously commend how hard you are working at this. I love how you fully admit where you go wrong and want to make corrections for next time… I'm learning a lot. Your videos really made me realize how much more I could be doing art-wise!!!!

  4. Thank you so much! I was looking for answers for these types of workflows and didn't get any tips till now. I will try using these on my next artwork since i'm embarking on a new art journey for myself. 😀

  5. sir… its amaze me that you actually take the time to break an artist artstyle down to such minuscule detail… not gonna lie but there are some of the detail that lost in my eyes but this is just advance ps technique through and through

  6. I got stucked so much time trying to replicate painting on medibang with no progress and now this video get me back the inspiration and creativity to try all that already did many years ago in simplier softwares. Thanks

  7. HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THE OUTER GLOW?? It's genius!! Omg I always thought I was doing my lineart wrong all the time, tsm!!

  8. Aye bro Really appreciate how you walked the extra mile to make it so much easier for us to learn their secret justus. I'm reading your notes like christians reading their bibles. Amen brother, Amen.

  9. Wow, I'm impressed at your ability to break down each of these artists artwork and observe through a complete observational theory. I've been working with Photoshop for over 20 years, and the stuff I learned from your videos has been mind blowing in how to use certain filters in creative ways. I've even learned about new artists that I want to check out now because of your videos. Thank you so much for all this great advice and artist shoutouts!

  10. Does anyone know how to make the outer glow pen in procreate ? :0

    Also, I really appreciate this video , thank you so much ! ☆ it made making illustrations easier hehe

  11. I am Japanese, so I am not good at English.Sorry 😭 Thank you for creating these videos!It was really helpful because it was carefully organized!My favorite illustrator was there, so I'll take some time for myself! 2:11

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