5 Tips To Improve Your Art This Year!

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Hope these tips help you out or a least inspire you to get back into drawing with a more cohesive plan! Remember to just enjoy what you’re creating 🥰

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00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Ad Read
02:22 – 1. Draw More from Life
05:01 – 2. Time Restricted SKetching
06:28 – 3. Be Less Precious
08:50 – 4. Redrawing Things in your Style/Studies
10:32 – 5. Experimenting with Materials
12:43 – Final thoughts & outro

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  1. This video was so useful, thank you so much, I didn’t know actually that copying other artists painting is something bad and not helpful to improve my art, Recently I’ve been trying to paint and draw things from real life and it’s so fun…I think I’m going to complete drawing and painting this way

  2. I was in art block for 3 years, and was extremely unmotivated to draw and always compared my art. Know I’m trying my best to improve and make sure I’m enjoying my time doing art instead of comparing my art!

  3. Hi! I decided to start learning how to draw (digitally btw) is there any specific tips for new artists that you think would help?? i be struggling 😂

  4. If you need help being less precious about your art, try using cheap materials! I recently got the cheapest sketchpad I could at Walmart because I was psyching myself out about "wasting" my watercolour and mixed media sketchbooks with bad sketches and doodles. The cheap paper helps me be less worried about wasting my materials on crap art and gets me to sketch more. From experience of not drawing for LONG periods of time, bad art is way better than no art.

  5. so I js saw you and I really love your art! And Im trying to get better with my art as well. the one thing really struggle with is shading with clothes.

  6. Thank you for this! I should probably experiment more medias since i love being digital artist but i miss drawing on sketchbooks

  7. wow, this video was really helpful in boosting my motivation and giving me ideas to improve 🙂 thank you so much for all the tips and great examples!

  8. wow, this video was really helpful in boosting my motivation and giving me ideas to improve 🙂 thank you so much for all the tips and great examples!

  9. Omg I can draw from life like you in 5 minutes too! Just multiply the 5 by 2880 and that's how many minutes it takes me 🙂 (jokes aside I love ur art style)

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