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50 Digital Art Tips in 5 Minutes

In this video I share 50 digital art tips in 5 minutes.

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  1. What's kind of annoying is that I really suck at art and I wish I was at least some what better,(btw I'm only 12 years old) and I actually suck at most things and everyone says to just keep trying or don't give up and one day you'll get better and better but, no, that's not the case. Yes, drawing and making art is very hard, but for me, it's literally impossible to get good. No matter how hard i try to draw people, it turns out like actually garbage. Honestly, I will never get good, which is kind of annoying for sure.

  2. (2:29) correction on tip 30: you can make the lineart thicker in the shaded areas, this is called line weight. By making everything the same thickness, it just looks like a dull outline, not line art.
    (3:16) tip 38: don't. It looks bad. This tool works on simple arts, not faces. It depends on your art style.

  3. 3:26 i cant stress this enough. PLEASE DRAW ON 300+ DPI. in the video its 72DPI which is on by default. 300+ is way better. Personally i use 600 DPI which might be overkill but idc

  4. As a pro with over 25 years experience I can't stress enough to keep the line art on the top layer( for now or until you get the fundamentals down) and multiply that layer. Also with colors on other layers… to keep the saturation of said colors lighter I like to think in almost pastels. you can always s play around with them later. But it sure makes adding shadows and light easier, less to compete with and will keep your artwork from looking to dark in the final stages. In life the light around us impacts the colors gets absorbed into everything. Like the webs on spiderman. They are black but depending on the way the light hits them they can appear white. Look at a color3d shirt it m8ght be one color but the way light and shadows work they values can be totaly white to totaly blqck. We've all seen images where the drawing is nice but then the colors tend to be to bold and then the dark shadows have to be darker and then the highlites become to white. So either lower the color with hue and Saturation filter or add a layer of opaque white in front of every color layer. Then lower the opacity to a value that takes out the harsh bold colors of the color layer, keep these 2 layers grouped together white layer always 8n front. This trick also works when developing contrast between foreground objects and background objects. As a rule of thumb (like in real life) as we get further away from things they get duller and vibrant details are lost. That is the atmosphere causing this effect and can be mimicked digitaly by adding white layers and dropped opacity. This is alot of fun and can be a big ha ha lightbulb moment for artist. Discovering the power you pocesss as an artist what levels of achievement can reacheed just by foreground and the background elements. Also when dealing with foreground background, a good rule of thumb is forground is bolder more defined higher resolution than the background, line width if inking is thicker. ( as you become more confident you can play around with forgournd/ background fundamentals but the basic theories always work and can help keep you on the right track.)Sometimes adding slight shades of color or gradients to these atmospheric layers can really add depth. Remember less is more build up your colors or values same goes for working in black and white or monochromatic. Remember to name those layers and sometimes if you feel like the layers are getting overwhelming to save your image and make a master copy of it. That way you can flatten some layers making it easier to play with and becuase always have a unlattened master copy you can always go back to an unlattened copy and take anything from it you need. Just remember to keep that master copy separate, make a few master copies just in case. Also with just about anything in life… there isn't just one way to get to where you are going, example…. 2+4= 6 but so does 1+5, and 3+3. This is art and is an expression, there isn't a right or wrong way, if you can connect to what makes you happy you are on your way to go as far as you want. Trust me the road to get to where you want should be enjoyed, the greatest part of reaching any goal is the journey. Maybe your art is private, just for you, maybe your confidence grows and you notice youve reached an individual, a few people even, if so desired on to an audience or maybe even an employer, that's all up to you. There is only one you, and only you can offer that. Let your love, and passion come through. Its your vision whatever that may be don't get hung up on im not that good, i don't have a style. With each second that goes by with each new painting or sketch, sculpture, song, poem, you create the artist in you will develop and it will be beautiful. I promise you that.

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