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A simple way to do lighting || Clip Studio Paint art tutorial

Check out Clip Studio paint here:

a bit more of a literal tutorial with this one, again getting to work with CSP again has been a blessing, thank you so much for sponsoring another video~ i can’t recommend them enough!
A bit more personal but ive moved to a new country so im hoping i get to be a little more consistent with the videos B)

also a huge thank you to beloved Arii for reviewing my scripts and helping me out
link to her amazing work:

thank you for the support , i appreciate everything you guys do for me

Sol brush:


♡Honey jam by Mossobeats

♡Cloudy by Mossobeats

♡Rose water by Mossobeats




✿ ~ I love you ~ ✿

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  1. Your little character is so cute!! And your art style is amazing too, very elegant and pretty
    Keep doing this good work, your videos are a huge inspiration

  2. if you are using cool colors then use warm lighting but if you are using warm colors use cool lighting, always works (sometimes) 🙂

  3. hello there I would like to ask every time I put shadow my details are fading? can you please help me how could I still make the details stand out even when I add shadow or light please ;A;

  4. The best light tutorial for me. I finally can do it 😂 tysm
    It is quite hard to find any tut easy to follow or describe everything in 1 video. Huhu luv u

  5. I know you've gotten the same comments alot, but I truly can't express how grateful I am for this video being made. I mostly understand tutorials in a simple sense and all the other tutorials were too difficult or the artist used adobe illustration app or procreate. Thank you sooo much for this, I've been stuck on lighting for agessss

  6. Huh, I usually just use 2 colors for the lighting and then use overlay with the same hue but brighter and darker. This helped a lot! I will incorporate some of your techniques in my future pieces!

  7. ! Ur art style tickles my brain in literally the best way possible, and seeing any of your videos always inspires me sooooo much. The way u use color is so satisfying to look at and it’s just aisjdncowjdvytvytavcjneidjcnei And, the way u stylize ur characters is perfectionnnn they look so amazing!!! ❤❤❤✨✨✨

  8. I love your videos so much. You make it really simple to understand.
    I’m really interested about your oc that you draw a lot. I wanna know they’re backstory because they seem like a really interesting character. They also look like my main character and that’s another reason I like them lol.

  9. i dont do digital art, but your style has really inspired me a lot. last year i didn't make my advanced art classes, but ur channel has been a really big help, and last week i got the note saying that i made it into next years class. My art teacher is even letting me paint one of the walls of her classroom! ( im doing a little mushroom village<3) i'm really grateful for your good advice and soothing voice, it's really helped me achieve my artsy potentials<3333 ur so talented blue!

  10. i know you covered it briefly in your hair tutorial video, but would you be able to do a more in depth tutorial on coloring hair?

  11. Hey Blu! I’ve seen and studied your basic anatomy video and it really helped me out with everything! I wanted to thank you and was also wondering if you’d continue doing a dynamic pose video? While the anatomy video has really helped me progress I am still stuck with very flat and stuff poses lol. If so I look forward and Ty again 🙂

  12. As someone who did exclusively pencil art and now is trying to learn digital, figuring out how to do lighting (especially with colors) has been really tricky for me. This video is exactly what I needed! Now if only I had more time to practice… 🥲 Thanks, Blue!

  13. Thank you! You both remind me to do things that I get and are obvious but that I forget to do, and make me get what I'm doing, since you kinda explain what to think about, instead of just saying do this or that

  14. Thankyou so much like I needed this, I've been trying to figure it out for so long but u make it so much easier to understand, love ur art as always, stay healthy and happy :Đ

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