Art Commissioner Forces Artist To Make NFTs…

Mohammed Agbadi talking about a weird art commissioner trying to force an artist to make NFT art for them..

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This a commentary video on the twitter art community, art drama,, art commentary art rant, and fixing art

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  1. I don't want to put any energy into these nft people. Most of the time I think they are bots too (same question being posted exactly the same way) so I say no and I block them (sometimes I report them too if their profile seems shady)

  2. This has nothing to do with nfts, but I once got asked to do a request and they insulted my art skill by saying I "couldn't" do it when I said no (I said no because the idea they had didn't intrigue me)

  3. Hey bro! I saw your fb wall and loved your work! Can you build me a house that will be sold on our site with payment given once the house is d9ne and sold?

    Hahaha a real life analogy would be a harder slap to the "comissioner". Hahaha

  4. The part about "you will be paid after I sell your art" got me. Like… How is he gonna sell an artist's work before even paying?? It's not his to sell until he pays the actual person who made it. Asking for way too much while giving way too little to the actual creator.

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