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Can You Paint on Just ONE LAYER? | Digital Art Challenge

I try to paint on just one layer, and walk you guys through the process while I’m at it.
Shoutout to my IG fam for suggesting this challenge!

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  1. But, i find it more difficult to paint digitally on a few layers than traditionally. In traditional, it's the feel of the materials, the texture that i find soothing. When i paint digitally, i have less control, the pen slides awkwardly on the smooth surface

  2. I feel like as Sam goes on he sounds more and more like hes whispering into the mic because his parents are sleeping in the other room and they dont know he has a youtube channel; it really caught me off guard to hear him almost talking at a normal volume

  3. The first drawing I did on the artpad was on one layer cause I didn't know how to use layers or blenders lol
    It actually didn't turn out that bad surprisingly
    But I've definitely gotten a lot better

  4. I just tried to click and close the navigator tab in this video as if im working on photoshop, then realised video got paused😅, lol. side effects of not getting enough sleep 😅, btw great work Sam, im always amazed watching your videos

  5. Acrylic is actually really forgiving… if you mess up add a thicker layer of whichever colour you need to fix it so it doesn't dry too fast. Or I've even redone simple whole sections. Pretty easy and somehow feels like you learn lessons of life through the process xD
    Felt a lot of info I had and knew clicked in a more practical/ baby experience way too… this I can't explain lol I don't really mean with the art but that too

    Sorry for my redundancy and many comments… pretty new here and had some time… I really like your channel. Inspired my to draw and use my watercolour pencils again. I've mainly been using acrylics and have neglected my roots lol which I was never that good at oddly enough … and got real rusty … anyhooo thanks for the videos 🇨🇦

  6. For me it’s hard to use layers, I’ve been drawing traditionally for YEARS. Now making the switch is so painful. I feel like I need to have layers and it feels more complicated.

  7. I don't know about you guys, but I've been drawing on paper for 20 years, and only recently ( 2 years ago) I started using some digital tools, however, my main base still is traditional. My "layers" are just some cheap print paper lol I use them, usually 3 or 4 before I use the final "expensive " piece of paper. A light table is a good investment in this case 👍🏻 So, "layers" aren't just a "digital royalty", "layers" are literally just a sheet of paper 😉

  8. whenever i do draw things, which isnt a lot, i use like 20 layers lol, cause i mess up a lot and like to be able to make it look decent at least. i like traditional art when im bored and my apple pencil is dead but the fact i cant use layers is annoying

  9. Sometimes i think it's wrong to campare traditional art and digital art cuz the out come in both art comes out different too we do not expect traditional art to be soo detailed but if digital art do not look so detail it looks kinda off ngl
    Anyone agree?

  10. You don't need a lot of layers for profesional art…. background, middle ground and foreground or background and character… and a few effect layers or lighting layers.. that's it, you can change a lot with that…

  11. The thing with traditional art and digital art is digital art is much better with layers when traditional doesn’t need it bc it naturally layers unlike digital. For example drawing with a black pen and going back to color it. With traditional you can’t go over the black pen since it’s darker than ur color ur working with. In digital it DOES go over it which is very important for another layer and also with undo buttons on digital is easier to make mistakes rather than traditional -a digital artist who used to do traditional

  12. for me, I use a lot of layer modes, so merging them together means I can't really change stuff in the layers. I do organize stuff in folders though. I only merge at the end cause color correction only works on one layer at a time in csp

  13. why i have a million layers and what each one is used for:
    (also there in order)

    1: background
    2: background but better
    3: hand
    4: other hand
    5: finger nails
    6: torso, legs and arms
    7: face
    8: eyes
    9: eyes but better
    10: lineart
    11: copy of lineart for personal reasons
    12: hair colour
    13: eye colour (again)
    14: hair colour
    15: hair colour but better
    16: skin
    17: skin but better
    18: nose, mouth and eye lashes
    and then depending on the drawing theres usually anout 30-40 layers of small details

    40? 50? 107?: rendering
    and then what ever is next is the final layer: lighting 🙂

    (also i usually only use 1-4 brushes at max)

    i could never draw without less then 20 layers

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