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1. paprika
2. eine kleine
3. good to me
4. your reality
5. yesterday
6. fukashigi no carte
7. deltarune
8. tell me
9. yoru ni kakeru
10. oh my!
11. I wanna be a girl
12. those bygone years
13. sparkle

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Name? | Veda (pronounced vay-dah). My nickname is Saku!
Age + nationality? | Oct 04′ liner (do the math!), born and raised in Hong Kong 🙂
Languages? | Mother tongue is cantonese, most comfortable in english, fluent in mandarin and been learning japanese since 2019
What app do you use? | Procreate for drawing and animating (Ipad pro 12.9 inch 3rd gen), final cut pro x for editing (macbook pro 13 inch)
What procreate brushes do you use? | I mostly use 6B pencil + narinder pencil for graphics and lineart, and I use flat brush and nikko rull for painting
What camera do you use? | A mix between my iphone 11 and the DJI pocket

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  1. i’m crying. at 3:03 when the computer came up i was frozen in shock because my name is veda. so i went and looked at your profile and it is spelled and pronounced the same. i am so happy omg 😭

  2. I wish I have had done a bit of digging, and research before getting my 400 -500 $ drawing tablet TvT now i got a pro level tablet thinking that it was beginner one and i got a laptop that dosent have Procreate.etc or any good apps so im thinking of getting a mac but idk anymore :c

  3. So I am a traditional artust but wanted to try digital art for fun, I'm also thinking about doing art commissions as a side hustle. But the thing is, I struggle to start on a screen from scratch so I sketch it first on a paper then just layer it digitally so I can outline and color it on the go lol

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