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digital ART TIPS to INSTANTLY IMPROVE your art

[ digital art tips and tricks that helped me improve my art faster 💌] hey hershey kisses, i hope u enjoyed this video & it helped u on ur own art journey! comment down below ur own tips if u have any 😉

0:00 intro
0:19 tip 1
1:35 tip 2
2:38 tip 3
3:40 tip 4
5:01 tip 5
6:07 bonus tips!!

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[editing💌] ~iPhone Xr (filming)
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– Lukrembo (marshmallow)

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  1. "you can never have enough anatomy practice"
    sorry but.. I THINK I HAD TOO MUCH BECAUSE I JUSY NOTICE- the girl that is holding the lipstick's other hands looks crooked for some reason, i think you should make the elbow and hand being more seen !! SORRY IF THIS IS OFFENSIVE TO YOU- some people find it that way when i comment these things LOLL

    btw thank you o much for the art tip!! ill surely use these tips well and i think i should REALLY organize my color pallette now that you mention it HAHAH

    honestly i was absent in the last vid cause of exams and stuff but girl tell you what I've been struggling with digital art so God knows how much time i mean even more than hands like digital art is my arch nemesis lol 😂
    We'll I'm this vid is gonna help me alot ❤

  3. omg tysm for making this Hersh!! I just started digital art a few days ago, and I've learned some things but I would love to see all the tips you share as I really like your art. It's what inspires me to keep practicing digital art, so thank you!!💜

  4. hi, I always watch your videos but I never comment, I think your art is so pretty<3 I wanted to ask if in future you could make a video on your art process in procreate or an art tutorial, only if you want tho💗

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