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Do You REALLY Need Custom Brushes for Digital Art??

Sam vs. brushes part 2

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  1. Nice drawing, I really love it! I wanted to ask how you choose when to start a new layer – for every new shape of color? I tried it like that and I was overwhelmed by too many layers (at the end I put them all together, also because I can easier use the pipette for colors…). But having each "block of color", like a certain wall, definitely helped when something should be only behind it….
    And I saw that you first draw the basic green of the stairs as the main color of the picture, and then moving from the foreground step by step to the background…. I think that way is the best way, but I still struggle to not get lost during this process… ^^
    Thank you a lot for uploading your proccess of drawing!!

  2. That's not to say that custom brushes don't have their use cases in digital art.
    If anything, custom brushes are best used to help you stay on top of ever-tightening deadlines during serial production.

  3. Oh wow, Photoshop really does just have the one brush?? Ya, Sketchbook Pro IS Way better than I thought. The “default” brushes Have textures too! There’s even a paintbrush that you can use to mimic how you would paint foliage. Sketchbook got the HB Pencil, Ink Pen, and just color in with the Ink Pen! These are the FACTORY DEFAULT that you get. Sketchbook just needs to work on being a vector version too.

  4. Did you color pick the colors from the reference or you just eyeball it? Because I'm so amazed you got the values right even without going B/W on it..

  5. I'm starting with digital now, I have a bit of experience with traditional painting, and this video helped me a lot. I feel like a beginner using custom brushes end up putting a lot of information that doesnt help to solve the picture, once you know what is missing from your painting is when you will need a custom brush.

  6. This made me realize it’s very similar to traditional painting thanks for this I learned new things! Mostly how I can draw stairs I usually have a very hard time with stairs because I never really drew them

  7. Hey Sam!,can u tell me how to find references like yours,cause I really liked that abandoned street and all the plants thing so I hope you can respond to me where can I find photos like this

  8. I love this message. I’m a traditional charcoal pencil artist and I got procreate to be a way to not have to take out all the supplies all the time. I soon found myself overwhelmed with all the layers and brushes. 3 years into procreate and I’m finally going back to my roots. Very few brushes and layers. Like he said at the end of the day brushes and layers don’t make the art, you do. Since I let that go I have found peace and more enjoyable time doing art. People can’t believe it’s digital or traditional unless I tell them.

    Layers and brushes aren’t bad! I’m definitely a huge believer that you make the art and those are just tools. Focus on your art and not the tools. Practice helps! Don’t give up.

  9. Manually painted one looks organic for obvious reason. So I love the process amd result of the first one more. I am thinking of adding some grainy texture and opacity variety with one brush and try to paint with that. Mikko has a good video on this on his channel- Angrymikko

  10. Watching this a year after it was posted and a year into Procreate. I have bought custom brushes (cough cough Sams, lol) and can really say that the procreate brushes are just as good, it all about how you use it and your fundamental knowledge. I've scaled back to using a lot of the default brushes. A lot of the brushes don't work for my workflow. People always think that as a trained graphic designer I'd be good at digital painting. I know how to manipulate text, color, images, and shapes for print designs. I wasn’t trained to paint on a computer/ tablet. I was trained to paint using oils and try and to achieve a realistic look. That tends to translate into my work where I can paint a 10+ hour drawing a make it look realistic. Being more semi-realistic/ stylized is something new for me. I'd love to one day get to the point where i'm panting something in an hour to two hours. ( I have kept some of Sam brushes as they work better than some of the Procreate ones; love the round brush, airbrush, the blending brush and hard eraser)

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