How To Make Your Art Into An NFT | 2023

How To Make Your Art Into An NFT | 2023

In this video I show you How To Make Your Art Into An NFT. This is super easy and learn to do it in just a few minutes by following this helpful tutorial.

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  1. Normally don't do this, I don't praise people for any reason truth be told good works deserves appreciation, l won't deny the fact that I'm super jealous of your hard work and skill. I'm proud of you and what you've done in my life , we need more people like Mrs. Delphine Sophie.

  2. A guy told me that he is interested in my artwork but wants it in NFTs, which I was unaware how it works? He told me to make account on opensea, I don't know is he trustable? Or how can we know whether the person is not scamming?

  3. This explains the lazy mint method. Where your art is first uploaded to an NFT platform such as Opensea. With lazy minting that art only becomes an NFT when it is sold. Another method of creating NFT is via smart contract. This is where you code your own smart contract, which is then deployed to the blockchain. You can then interact with that contract to mint NFTs from it. Smart contacts actually create NFTs, and you can limit the amount of NFTs you create, making you collection truly limited.

  4. So there is the possibility to sell without to pay for the gas fee. Right? Can you please repeat me how? (where?). The payment can be just in cryptos? There ia a cost to open a crypto wallet? I had high payed proposition to buy my paintings as NFT from IG. But I had not the 300 $ that one of the buyers addrrssed me to mint my paintings into NFTs. Can you please help/replay? Thanx

  5. Hi thanks for the tutorial! what file size is best converting it to an NFT? 🙂 I keep on getting offers from people to sell my work ast NFTs but not sure how it all work

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