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How to Paint Better Backgrounds – Digital Art Tips

A quick rundown of how I think of and approach background painting in my work!

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  1. great tips. i was very intimidated by backgrounds and avoiding them but realized it was something i needed to master to make my pieces more complete

  2. Thanks for the i’m drawing backgrounds, This definitely helped! I’m curious, so when you post your final product of work do you mention that you used a reference or is it not needed? I feel like some artists get upset if you don’t mention your original reference.

  3. Another tip he did not point out but is extremely useful (and he’s also doing): DON’T ZOOM IN! It saves on a lot of the guesswork and helps you maintain objectivity of your reference and canvas real-estate. Also it saves you a ton of time because smaller canvas = less hand movement.

  4. I still think that bad background can ruin the character itself so rather than putting in i prefer putting lights color with shadow on it

  5. actualy tho after dis vid i just pulled up on my pc and just did it .I dident think it was even possible .I mean little old girl anatomy enjoyer doing anything other then that

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