How To Pixel Art In 10 Minutes | Pixel Art Tutorial

In this video we will go over ALL of the main principals to get started learning Pixel Art. We will go over topics such as:
Structure, Colours, Lighting, Tips / Advice for Beginners, and more!

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How To Pixel Art Tutorial – Noob to Expert in 10 Minutes
How To Pixel Art – Beginner To PRO Tutorial
How To Pixel Art Tutorial – TIPS ARTISTS NEED TO KNOW IN 2022

Pixel art is an art form that was originally used for classic video games to create art that was easy to make, didn’t take up a lot of cartridge space, and was easy to use very few colours (to work with old TVs / technology).

However, nowadays pixel art is seen as it’s own unique medium of art and is a style loved by many!
This is my personal favourite art-style for Indie Games currently and is the style that I have adopted to create my own games.

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This pixel art tutorial will help you learn the basics / fundamentals of what pixel art is and how you can get better at pixel art fast! Learn pixel art in 10 minutes, keep practicing these techniques until you feel you have mastered the ideas presented in this tutorial.

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  1. I have mad respect for pixel art artists, I like drawing city scapes and anime but I’ve been wanting to learn how to draw pixel art, something about simplifying the form is so difficult for me to do-so this video helped a lot! I wasn’t even sure where to start drawing

  2. Hi, I'm not sure if you'll answer this, but I have a problem/question I wanted to ask about: how do you make a rotated object? How do you take something from the standard position, and then make it look as if it was rotated? I've been trying and I just can't get it.

  3. I'm a pixel artist and a regular artist and in both of them, my only problem is it's really hard for me to draw any body part other than the head. When I drew the body for the main character of the game I was working on, it looked really unnatural and I knew I couldn't work with that. I was planning on switching to HD sprites after a while anyways but it was still really hard to do.

  4. For some reason I'm good at drawing objects, items, etc., but when it comes to drawing something alive it always looks terrible. Idk why… xD

  5. The thing about these videos, is that they're not showing how to start on small canvas's, like they're showing an example on a large surface and isn't showing how to start on small proportions. It's helpful, but is still giving their examples on large proportions than smaller ones. It's like when they show to make an outline or structure, but is showing it on a large surface by making a character, but isn't showing how to make a structure on a small canvas, like a 16×16. If anyone has a video on how to start on a small canvas, please help.. I'm still very stuck on how to start.

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