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How to take art commissions ( or how I personally do it)

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Little Bit more of a layed Back Video, but I Hope the advice helps 🤍 if yiu have any questions feel free to ask


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  1. Before people complain about Artists pricing their commissions high amounts of money, just remember that Artists are human too, majority of them need the money to pay bills, buy food, etc. If you can't buy the artists' commissions, then it's fine, nobody is forcing you to.

  2. I remember someone saying that you should have more confidence on your art and make sure that you're prices are not too low, because a lot of scams usually have their prices lower compared to the quality of their posts, so people tend to avoid commissioning low price artists.

  3. Hey bloo!! Thanks so much for this video, I saw it a while back and just recently I decided I needed to open commissions and this video was perfect

  4. when you think abt it you're technically rich because if the chibi alone is 80 USD and you have the power to create chibi's all the time, you're basically a millionare 😎

  5. I’ve tried doing commissions, but it’s hard to find people interested since my channel doesn’t normally get any views, plus I’m literally commissioning for 3 bucks so 💀 good luck y’all!

  6. At first I thought they were a bit pricey but then I realize how much time and effort artists actually put into the art.
    Amazing video as always and thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for this, I am not really that confident in my art skill, but I do post it here and on IG. I do art traditionally. But some dm'd me about doing commission and I don't really know where to start.

  8. Ngl I’ve hesitated taking art commissions for several reasons like currency exchange, how I’ll manage the money, setting everything up and accidentally leaking irl info. At least now it looks a bit easier to manage but I’m still nervous about the whole ordeal.

  9. Hey, biscuits! Im a traditional artist and I plan to make digital art! But Im very afraid that it won't work, so I came here to ask you. How did you start gaining visibility? Have you always promoted your arts or did something else? I feel lost in this digital world and idk where to start 〒▽〒

  10. Good and informative video! ❤ I have a question if you don't mind me asking. Im starting my second year of college at August, and I've been thinking of starting art commission to build up money for the future after college. So whenever you're making amount of money from your clients, do you have to file self employed taxes?

  11. Thank you so much for your clear and easy to understand guides on how to set up art commissions. The problem right now is that I still dont have the confidence to actually open one up yet due to my skill.

  12. Thank you SO much for making this video! Every time I've looked into taking commissions I would get so overwhelmed trying to figure out the best way to do it. This vid is very clear and concise! Will definitely be referring back to these tips!

  13. I've been doing commissions for a while, but the pricing is always hard for me to decide. I'm at a point where I'm fine with my artstyle and all my friends say I'm very skilled but I don't think I'm talented, good enough or known to even think I should be able to open commissions. Even though I'm fine with my style I find it to be very generic and bland, it doesn´t have that "unique" or "special" sparkle that makes it remarkable so the price for a drawing like mine varies a lot and I don´t feel comfortable with a price over 50usd for a full piece… :/
    Although, I opened a fiverr account where I offer my services as an illustrator and I finally got my first commission there ^^!

  14. I wanna do commissions but I don’t think I have the skill for it so I wanna get better before I do . I’ll have this video saved for the future

  15. quick question, how do you take money out of pay pall? they don't have a option to make a pix and last I checked I could only transfer money by vinculating my card to them ( each seems a bit fishy for me )

  16. hello!! i'm wondering if this applies the same for edit comms? i'm really new to this so i wanna make sure i'm doing everything right!

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