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I Improved My Rendering Skills in 7 Days ✍️ Digital Painting

In this video, I showcase my journey of artistic growth and improvement over a span of seven days. Through dedicated practice and exploration, I tackle various aspects of rendering, from studying masterful works to refining techniques for hair, facial features, and the human body. With each passing day, I gain confidence and make strides in developing my style. Join me as I document the challenges, insights, and progress that have transformed my art in this inspiring video.

Here’s the video about my brush:

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00:00 Day 1
03:44 Day 2
05:47 Day 3
07:25 Day 4
10:48 Day 5
11:53 Day 6
12:58 Day 7

I love studying perspective, form, rendering, and color theory through character art. I hope you’ll enjoy watching!

Program/app: Procreate
Tool: IPad Pro 12.9 inch

#ipaddrawing #characterdesign #tanalieku

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  1. but what to do if i learned how to render and understand how to do it, but just don't have an energy and resistance to pressure from this hard work so i just keep drawing simple arts instead because my brain just can't bear this hard work? my brain is melting and pushing me away from drawing cuz it's too exhausting and uncomfortable/painful to render

  2. Me: taking a break from drawing for the rest of the day bc I’m tired

    sees this in my feed


  3. I really admire people who have good grasp of shapes like you. Seeing how those shapes represent values so well is really nice, something I'm still struggling with…

  4. This was amazing, i stopped halfway through to get my tablet and try to paint one of your portraits 🙂
    I usually sketch on paper so I'm used to having lineart as the "bones" to everything, but that way of drawing never translated well to digital art for me. Seeing your approach without any lineart inspired me to try that, and it was so much fun! Thank you so much, i haven't felt this exited about doing art in a while 😀

  5. Artists practice everyday to master their craft and then some kid will just type prompts and the AI generates it and they consider it art… sad times for artists

  6. How did you decide on what to work on each day? Is there a method you use? One of my personal biggest struggles in learning is deciding/figuring out what to focus on

  7. I really like how you paint without a sketching / line art phase. That's something I simply don't find myself enjoying unfortunately. I seem to be more of a fan of blocking in big shapes and then going from there.
    Does that method work for you when you try to create bigger pieces with a background?

  8. very interesting~ i foud out if i took out my lineart away the shapes were rendered nicely underneath aside from missing a few features that would be important if it werent lines art. I'm gonna try this method. 😀

  9. you don't study the underlying foundation armature of the body and understand how it works in an innate muscle memory level that's why you're dissatisfied. like you go to color blocking right away when you should be studying with line and form first and then blocking in with color. the way you're doing it rn you'd have to rely on crutch of reference copy all the time. as color study alone its fine but in general all around it's missing what i noted. the subtleties like yoru's cheek bone fat hanging off the bone is slightly skinnier toward the lower part of the jaw, it looks like you dont consider those kind of things.

  10. heya, im an artist that well, relies alot on lineart and i feel like i should try and make an art piece with no lines, i have some basic knowledge on painting but from the artists that i watch and the paintings they make i belive i need to take my style a step forward in the direction you did, thank you for the video

  11. I love this video so much, and the process you took to improvement. May I ask what 3d software you used to get that reference figure with the crossed arms towards the end?

  12. What's your philosophy about color picking? I have always tried to eye it when doing colored studies just so I can see where I my level is at, but now looking at your studies you probably werent thinking to much about color and rather about good shape language? I'm very curious

    Oh and why do you use the rectangle morph tool thing instead of the liquify tool?

  13. what size canvas and dpi do you use? i always find that when i'm transforming/warping a layer, the quality decreases heavily and it doesn't look like it happens here!

  14. I love how they keep it in their own style. I feel like if I tried doing this I’d be trying to copy it exactly. How do I develop my own style?

  15. Haven’t seen the video yet but I kinda like the before more, I just find the angle more interesting, if that makes sense. I do prefer aspects of the after better, and there’s evident improvement on a technical level, but I’m really digging the angle on the first one.

  16. I like your work, i was also struggling to render gradations and i found out it was the brush that was working against me.

    Im using photoshop shop and i started using a dual brush. Normal round soft brush with a hard brush set at dual brush to taper the soft edge of the soft brush. My productivity went through the roof.

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