I Sold a $500,000 NFT after Giving Free Art for 14 Years!!!

You saw I got accidentally Bitcoin rich. Well there’s another layer to the story. Tons of you told me to mint NFTs. My 14-year long Free Paintings project includes 2,809 paintings that I mailed all over the world to strangers for free. I turned that whole project into an incredible image on the blockchain. How much Ethereum cryptocurrency is it worth? Well you’re a part of the artwork. So clearly it’s priceless.

Thanks for being a part of the art. Feel free to increase your own value as the artwork by sharing the story 🙂

Here’s a browser-sized version of the artwork to explore→
(Your computer may take a bit but be patient cause it should work and it’s pretty darn cool to play with)

The auction is here!→

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edited by Claire Wiley

Hey best pal-y! I’m your musician, comedian, internet buddy. I’m dedicated to giving you music & comedy & fitness awesomeness every Thursday. Thanks for joining me on my adventures and being a part of this band of outrageous friends I’ve got 🙂

– Ali

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  1. For anyone in the future wondering if the NFT was sold, yes! I did a little digging to understand the website and it was sold on May 5th, 2021. If you want to know how much it sold for the day it was purchased, it was bought at 12 WETH which roughly calculates as 40,470.12 USD. If it was bought as of today (December 25th, 2022), it would only be worth 14,639.72 USD.

  2. Wow interesting You are my inspiration yeay 😲😊😎👍this makes me excited to art work NFT yeay🙈😊😎😁✌️ hopefully my opensea pictures can be sold yeay 🙈😊😁✌️

  3. I make a point to never comment the whole 'unfollowing over this', but NFTs are so horrid that I hope, if you haven't already realized how bad NFTs are (this was a year ago after all), this small comment might get you to research about the negative environmental impact they have. I love your work and I truly, truly hope you figure out how destructive NFTs are and not engage with them ever again.

  4. Hi Ali. I enjoyed your video, your story and your energy. I've subscribed! I'm a fine artist trying to go through the TMI learning curve of the NFT craze. Instead of a "free" painting for a donation, I'd like to donate for your time as a consultant on the subject — hopefully to get me kick started. Please LMK! Cheers, George 😁

  5. Your art is beautiful, Ali! ❤️ I hope I can someday get a painting (not bcuz it's free, I'm also an artist & could paint myself any painting I wanted) but bcuz I love channel & I live watching your videos & content. I'm not a musician, so I don't understand the jargon in your What If series, but I love how you understand music so thoroughly you can make any song in any song & it's GOOD 😂 Keep doing what you're doing, you've got a friend in me 😂 😊

  6. This is incredible, I had no idea you were an artist who painted as well as made furry rooms and music. When I buy my first nft after attempting to mint my own, I will be checking back on you. I would love that specific nft of all your paintings!!!

  7. I don't have 500k but if I did I would buy your art. I love art and and am art.
    I only found your channel 3 days ago and I am hooked. I definitely watch your videos all the way through.
    I first found you when your Gaylas ABCDEFU video showed up in my YouTube recommendations feed. I have to say after that I was hooked on you. But wait there is more! after that. I then found out you are not only a talented musician! but! you are also a fucking talented artist! And it was at this point I fell in love even more. Everyday now your videos are in my YouTube recommendations list and I am happy for that. 😍😍😍.
    I wish you luck with your NFT so that Maybe some day I will be able to request a free painting from you. 😍😍 Thank you for being art and bringing art so enthusiastically to all of us!!

  8. Ali, love your story! Speaking chunks of the story…why don't you sell the over two thousand paintings in 12×12 blocks so more people besides the elite buyers can have an opportunity to own your work? Just a thought …

  9. My brain hurts. As an artist of realism and one who can’t necessarily give away art for free (I do art at a very low price though but that can be damaging as well), this may not work. I have a family. What you’re doing is the ministry of art which is beautiful.

    You say you want art to be for everyone but you forgot the artist. I see being an artist as a job. You pay for my spirit or skill, like buying a song because it speaks to you or because it makes you twerk. Would I give my song away for free? Dance for free? Give you a free tv show/performance? Fine art is no different. But that’s just me…

  10. How do you get time to do an art a day.. and post it,, and everything else?!!
    Amazing!! 🙏🙏
    Have you done a "my typical day" vid??

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