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Let’s Improve Our Brushwork! (Digital Painting Tips)

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Grab my paper texture photo here:

00:00 – 00:23 – Intro Quiz
00:23 – 02:12 – Using Traditional Paint
02:12 – 05:30 – Digital Brushwork Exercise
05:30 – 06:49 – Brushwork Analysis
06:49 – 07:32 – Color and Brushwork
07:32 – 08:30 – Brushwork and Shapes
08:30 – 12:17 – Demo 1
12:17 – 14:26 – Demo 2
14:26 – 18:20 – Demo 3


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  1. Oh you lovely man! Great video.

    One thing about difficultly with hands. I remember seeing a special on yoshitaka amano or the ghibli studios. While his sketches are very rough in style, he or one of his representatives mentioned about starting with hands and feet to get the hard part out of the way and it helps the anatomy come together more clean. I did play with starting with hands in my figures (after some study and warm up) and i noticed a huge improvement for myself. I hope this method can get you out of that hole we all dig ourselves into.


  2. Your videos are so interesting, informative, and concise. My ADHD brain really appreciates the cadence you have speaking and your lively videography. Really one if the best art accounts I have come across and I am obsessive about art videos. Truly, thank you. You've taught me more than I've forgotten from school!

  3. Corel is a company that should have folded 20 years ago but is kept alive by people who learned and stubbornly stuck with it since the 90's. Painter used to be interesting because of the water color physics brushes, but they are clunky and slow. These effects can be mimicked in many other pieces of software even Photoshop (which I have a love hate relationship with). Honestly Procreate on the iPad I think has the best brush system currently in my opinion and it's shockingly robust and more importantly cheap. I know this was a sponsored video Marco and I don't begrudge you the paycheck but nobody should start investing in Corel products in this day and age.

  4. I have the same problem that I have when doing art with real art supplies. I can't decide WHAT I want to paint or WHAT medium I want to use! Painter looks awesome though compared to Photoshop.

  5. thanks a lot ! that helped with my ink drawing i was getting bored of even before putting the brush on the paper. i just went crazy with the colors and it looks so much more interesting ! I'll go in with some gouache later on to add more texture !

  6. Houston Sharp has a great brush set, its free and the one he uses it on his pieces you can see he has a painterly style, (there is a bunch in the set but all I use is the pen and the oil paint brushes, the oil thick paint brush in particular) and when I used it alongside the advice in this channel and BoroCG and its has brought HUGE life to my drawings, like I literally see the difference, one of those rare moments in life where I see myself visibly level up lol

    P.S. Also, if you are going for the oil painting or gouache look I recommend sticking to only a handful of brushes that are similar, and rare use of airbrushes, paint it like how you would in physical, put the tones, then find the midtones and sample in between to simulate the mixing, if you sample multiple times you will get multiple different mid tones between your brushstrokes which will make your drawing have richer toning and more painterly look

  7. as someone who started just a few months ago in digital art, I thank you from my heart for this. The transition from traditional to digital has been very enjoyable bc of your videos.

  8. You always blow me away with your videos. I am a traditional artist gone digital and you've helped a lot so far, but this video helped things click. I can see how much fun you have and it reminds me to have joy and levity in my work.

    I'm a teacher too, and nor only is your artistry amazing, but your teaching skills (including editing your videos and all) lend to being concise and demonstrative. I don't mean to gush, but your audience can tell how much love you put into sharing your passion, so I feel inclined to reciprocate that love and truly say thank you.

  9. For anyone that is starting out and doesn't have the money for an overly complex program like Painter, I would recommend ArtRage Vitae or Rebelle 5, both of which are quite powerful and do an award-winning job of simulating natural media but are less overwhelming and have a more user-friendly interface. (Not to mention they cost a LOT less.) Rebelle 5 even claims to be the very first digital painting software that accurately simulates real pigments and color mixing.

  10. Maestro Bucci! Your stuff has always impressed but I gotta say, these last couple of years have been a revelation. Thank you so much for the no-nonsense education.

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