Pixel Art Animation Tutorial – (Aseprite)

In this video I share with you how to animate pixel art characters and take you step by step on my pixel art animation process in Aseprite. Hopefully this pixel art animation tutorial will help you bring your own ideas to life! :o)
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What is this?
Pixel art is super cool, quick, and easily accessible! If you’re new to art or looking for new ways to create art in game development, definitely try making your own Pixel Art!

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Step 1: Reference
00:49 Step 2: Break It Down
01:06 Step 3: Key Poses
01:24 Smear Frames
01:45 Step 4: Timing
02:54 Step 5: Secondary Animation
03:14 Final Animation
03:18 RECAP!
04:10 Bonus – Full Process!
14:01 Conclusion

12 Principles of Animation Graphic by Lachina Creative – https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/434175220326164925/

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  1. This guy is amazing. At first you think he is a complete serious character, and you take him as a professor in the arts of pixel art. A couple of minutes later he's mimicking a jumping frog, then you know what you got yourself into. Absolute madlad, love this videos – subscribed.

  2. I'm looking to make a top down 2d action rpg with combo based combat. That smear frame is exactly what I had pictured for sword slash animations. Super helpful.

  3. The frog jump animation is all wrong. If you look at an actual frog jumping, you'll see that he doesn't wind back before a jump, he just springs forward. When he is at the resting position, there is already spring tension in his back legs, he releases it. So his back legs should remain on the ground and extend forward, and there should be no "squashing" before the jump. Think about a tensioned spring that is suddenly released, that is how frogs jump.

  4. I’m really wanting to learn how to do pixel art, but can’t find a program that’s beginner friendly. I use Krita for my digital art, but the pixel art abilities are lacking when you don’t know what you’re doing lmao. Any recommendations?

  5. I love your videos. You're super smart, explain techniques well, all the while being entertaining. I laugh so much!! Please keep making pixel art videos!!!

  6. As someone that speaks American English (yes, that's a term), hearing nought point 1 gave me so much unnecessary joy. Thanks for a new way to confuse people. (at least here in the US)

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