The FNAF NFT Scam is Getting a Game (Kandyland)

Kandyland is an upcoming FNAF fan project that looks like it could be good… but it could also be really not good, so we’ll just have to wait and see. #fnaf #fangame #kandyland #suzysnacktime #fangamefnaf

Huge thanks to Ness64 on Fiverr for the incredible thumbnail! Here is the link to his page:

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Goldenlane Studio
4:00 – Something… Different
4:59 – NFTs
6:25 – Suzy Snacktime
10:41 – The Game
12:21 – Final Thoughts

A vast majority of the footage in this video belongs to Kandyland and Goldenlane Studio, the clips were used for commentary and context for what I was talking about, all credit goes to the extremely talented animators for the footage.
Kandyland’s Twitter:

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  1. Did this man just compare Garten of Baban and Poppy playtime, no offense but There's a huge difference, one is a shameless cash grap disguised as mascot horror, the other has alot of effort and is incredibly good compared to most modern mascot horror games

  2. I think Golden Lane still has good intentions with their project. They just made very bad choices for marketing/funding. I guess the fate of this depends on how well the game is designed

  3. I sure would have supported it. NFTs do not have to be the answer to fund a project. There are always places like Kickstarter, it doesn't hurt for a creator with a steady fanbase to ask them for help.

  4. I’m really hoping to make a game out of this this would be absolutely amazing considering I’ve been in this fandom for six maybe seven years ever since I was younger I’ve always loved animatronics but It’s next level animation, everything I’m hoping they make a game out of this. The storyline would be absolutely amazing.

  5. The one behind the "kandyland" isn't stealing off anything. They just needed inspiration to make first. Can't come up with something different then just take an inspiration but not as a ripoff! Ripoffs are clear scams that doesn't validate any ISP (INTERNAL SECRETARY POSSIBILITIES)

  6. This whole thing looks beautiful! I hope that it's able to live up to its potential. The whole NFT nonsense, I think, was just a poor choice of funding rather than anything nefarious.

  7. I'm just surprised. The character design is good. The concept is nice. But all people are angry just because of the fact that it's related to NFT. Are you really so worried about nature? Do y'all not use the benefits that harming nature? I doubt it.

  8. I hope it's made into a game it looks absolutely amazing it looks like they took the old Candyland board game and turned it into something like fnaf amazing concept and I cannot wait to try it out

  9. I don't think the game would be that hated if they stopped the nft bs and tried to make the game less similar to other titles. They are very good at animations and visuals but unless they don't change directions I hope the game never gets the fundings it needs. What a shame,they could've had something cool.

  10. Tbh even though it is an nft or what they call it it's pretty good I love the characters and the story but hey we need to wait and see if it's good or not and I hope for who ever is reading this have a great day/night

  11. I seen this like months ago and was obsessed and even drew this baby look alike character but then I found out. N F T definitely hurt because these creations are so beautifully made, I hope this all goes down on the right track.

  12. I mean kandyland would probably be cool to play but I gotta mention that hello neighbor garten of banban and poppy playtime is nothing like FNAF although there are some features like FNAF in every game. FNAF did not create those features in itself.

  13. Golden lane pretty surely knew what they were doing there… it looks… well… way better than Fnaf😅
    Somehow. (FNAF will still be the original, obviously)

    And that they are actually making a Game out of it… I can't say I knew it… cause I didn't know it😂😂

    I'm thrilled to see more of it!🤩

    (Just wait until they come up with the first ever Suzy Snacktime song💀🤚)

  14. honestly they should've just done a kickstarter or something I'm pretty sure a lot more people would've been more willing to fund the project and it wouldn't have gotten it's reputation that it has now, but now it has the reputation of having resorted to nfts for for money. Like I get nfts were the popular at the time but it would eventually lose that popularity (plus the risk of the whole markets and fluctuating values and stuff)

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