TikTok ART Hacks and Tutorials that Made Me Better 🦕

Hi here is me with another #tiktok #compilation. This one is from #tutorial and #art side of tiktok. There are some videos with #hacks and some with #drawing tutorials, some are just #tips. Let me know what do you think

Enjoy :3

#Art #satisfying #tiktok #anime

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  1. i dont really like following tutorials bcz im scared that people who know the person who made the tutorial will think i copied them, but, isnt that the whole point of the tutorial or not?

  2. Heheyyy i didnt know others use that technique of drawing curly hairs too!

    Fun fact: I wanted to draw a favorite character of mine with curly hair but i couldnt because i dont know how to draw curly hair but i somehow learned how to draw it from drawing Eddie from Stranger Things💀

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