Top 10 NFT Artists in 2023

In 2021 we saw NFTs explode in popularity…
And not a day goes by that we don’t hear about yet another trending NFT artist earning record sums for their artworks… Could one of them become the digital Da Vinci?

We’ve been scouring the Metaverse for the best NFT artworks and artists, and on today’s brand new CoinMarketCap episode, we’re sharing our Top 10 NFT Artists to watch in 2023!

0:00 – Logan Paul Made Trevor a Millionaire
1:45 – Pak
3:10 – Beeple
4:15 – XCOPY
5:24 – Mad Dog Jones
6:33 – Nyla Hayes
7:37 – FEWOCiOUS
8:52 – Isaac Wright
10:06 – Shay the Surrealist
11:00 – Leopoldo D’Angelo
11:51 – Cath Simard

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  1. hello, your video is very interesting, everything is explained very clearly and clearly, you are one of the few who really talks about NFT well. I would like to hear your opinion about NFT 2.0, I would be very interested to hear it, and I would also like to know from you what you think about the whitelist NFT of the IguVerse project, about their perspective, and as far as I know they use artificial intelligence in their NFT, I wanted would like to hear your opinion about all this

  2. NFT это безумие. Как можно одну картинку купить за несколько эфиров? Ну как!!?? Не факт, что её стоимость будет расти, когда выходят десятки новых подобных.

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