What are NFTs and How to make Money ? | NFT Explained in Hindi | Him eesh Madaan

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Watch Now – Full explanation of Non Fungible Tokens and How to earn from NFTs. This video will give you simple and detailed information about what are NFTs, how they work, how you can make NFTs, how to sell NFTs and how to make money from NFTs.

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00:54 What are NFTs
04:13 How NFTs work
6.15 3 Ways to earn from NFTs

In last 1-2 years, NFTs has become a hot topic and many people are interested to know about working of NFTs and how you can earn money from it. This video starts with meaning of Non Fungible Tokens followed by working of NFTs where I have explained blockchain technology and how NFTs become secure in blockchain technology. Next section of this video is about making money from NFTs as I have explained 3 ways on how to earn from NFTs. First way is to create and sell NFTs in marketplace. Second way is to trade NFTs and earn from the variation or fluctuation. Third option to earn from NFTs is to become NFT designer.

I hope this video simplifies knowledge for you and make you more well versed with the world of NFTs. I will keep making more such concepts to help you to stay updated, grow financially and lead yourself towards success.

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