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⚠️ 10 Digital Art Mistakes we probably ALL DID or STILL DO!

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  1. that brush expecting part makes me laugh like hey you caught my deepest shame XD, i've spent too much time for robing brush from everyone lol

  2. As someone who used gradients to shade for the first time today, and constantly zooms in too close – I'm glad i saw this video before I continued

  3. Amazing video!! 😀 I do want to say though, there’s tons of really good artists that use a mouse or their phone for digital art, it just isint for everyone and can take a while to master :0 I feel like it’s just another tool, and imo I think you don’t necessarily need a tablet tbh :3 but I just wanted to say my take on it, I love your art and keep up the awesome work ❤️❤️ ^^

  4. For me its not using enough stabilizer. Honestly use as much as you want, it SAVES your wrist from aching due to strain because it saves a lot of effort doing lines

  5. slow down slow down slow down with the last tip.
    it's indeed not just the brushes, but it's about both technique and the brush.

    Overall amazing video by the way! Many good tips for newbies ^^

  6. “Not using a tablet “
    Can confirm, using a tablet with a proper pen/stylus is literally life changing. I used to draw on an old iPhone SE using my finger and it’s like comparing drawing with a pen to drawing with a carrot

  7. thank you so so much! I've been a traditional artist for years but whenever i tried to do digital it totally flopped! But i learnt so many things in your video, i finally have the confidence to draw digitally more often and even show people my drawings! 😀

  8. Tbh,the last one is always funny to see the reaction of. Like they go like "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE ISN'T A BRUSH THAT DID X" and I'm like "Well,have tens of hours at your disposal,lots of references and a hope you'll not get to experience the repercussions of you staying in a screen and not moving for days straight and I'm sure you can get still nothing like it,since we artist love every piece art but ours"

  9. I use procreate and my ipad, i live in an apartment and theres no room or money to buy tablets, i feel like theres no point to them especially since you cant use them everywhere

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