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【10 Digital Art Tips】 For Beginners

Are you using Photoshop, Clip Studio, Krita or Paint Tool SAI for digital art? Try these tips 🙂
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0:00 – Intro
0:44 – 1. Shortcuts make work easier
1:58 – 2. Simple vs. special brushes
2:44 – 3. Sketching tips
3:30 – 4. Liquify and Transform to fix your sketches
4:55 – 5. Line Art vs. Painting Technique
6:30 – 6. Create a base layer (to avoid coloring outside the lines)
7:18 – 7. Clipping Masks (also to avoid coloring stuff you don’t want)
8:08 – 8. Using the Color Picker for shading
8:45 – 9. The Smudge tool can be useful, too!
9:37 – 10. Useful layer blending styles (Multiply, Overlay, Screen etc.)
10:38 – BONUS: Some general advice for beginners, equipment and progression

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  1. I once tried a screenless tablet, I admit I wasn't so good with it and I didn't like it at all, so I would like to drawing on screen where I can see what I'm doing. These tips were helpful…thanks.

  2. I always wonder why more often "clipping layer" is recommended (to beginners). Personally i dont like them as much and prefer using masks on folders, which can also be more cascaded when with folder in in folder and all have masks and even single layers having masks. Clipping layers are rather limited in that aspect, i fee like.

    also i am a CSP simp and always super recommend this program for any kind of drawing/painting. So I also recommend making use of Vector-Layers for things like Outlines. While they cannot be "filled", they can be used with all brushes, so scaling, adjusting line width, things like that can become a super clean process. Ofc that might not be too suitable for people going for a super art-sy natural look or so.

  3. I use an iPad and an underrated app called iArtbook (unfortunately only on app devices) I think it’s very good for beginners as it has a high quality for being 100% free. It’s tools are brush, eraser, transform, bucket, shapes, selection, liquify, effects (good for editing colour mistakes), flip canvas, curves (that is lines you can edit thickness and position of automatically) and copy/paste (that includes duplicate, insert photo/file, cut, cut and paste, replace.) it’s visually appealing and simple, and you can edit any brush and make your own. You can also use it on a phone and the quality doesn’t decrease with a smaller device just harder to use. Thank you for this video I was very helpful!

  4. Thanks so much, great video. You answered a lot of questions I had that no other video explained properly. Mainly that gray base you create – I had no idea why ps artists always did this. Really appreciate it

  5. I definitely could draw with a mouse, back before tablets were easy to get. I learned Photoshop, and even those web drawing oekaki apps online! But while getting a screenless tablet was a major upgrade, i never realized how not knowing the programs, AND making it accessible to my ADHD by seeing my art under the pen really took away a lot of the hurdle to just sitting there to DO the art. Sometimes it was so mentally exhausting to try to fight the brain/hand disconnect of the tablet, even though I got used to not looking at it, I'd just quit after a bit because redrawing the same line 20 times made me think i couldn't draw. But then pen stabilizer apps came out, Clip Studio has smart shortcuts for selecting things, suddenly I'm not so frustrated anymore. And once i got a better tablet i use it far more. But yeah you are right that it's a huge investment, if you don't like to draw already, at least try one in a store or from a friend first. Even phones now have options with a stylus.
    My mind is blown though, I didn't know about brushes for blending!! I really appreciate this video, I learned a few new tricks!! I always am learning something new with digital art and i appreciate the effort put into teaching others. Thank you. ❤️

  6. I know I'm a bit late, but I'd say that the screen tablet was essential for me. I got a tablet for my birthday, without a screen. And it kept on having issues and I just hated working on it when I couldn't see where I was working. So we returned it and I got a smaller one with a screen and I still work with it. We accidentally got one that functions by itself as a normal tablet too but I am much happier with it than I was screenless. That's the only thing I can disagree with on here. I love the rest! Good job!

  7. Can someone please explain how to find the hotkey for Krita at 1:40 . He shows it's bound to ALT key and it makes color picking seem very quick and easy. For me, at least, i'm unable to select 'ALT' as my hotkey. Which results in the keybind being a toggle rather than a 'hold to apply' which makes it no more convenient.

  8. If you're transitioning from paper to digital, look into a screen protector for your screen tablet that simulates the texture of paper. It's in part the low friction glass that causes your hand to slip and your lines to wander into squiggles.

  9. Thank you for sharing. I am a sketchbook/ canva diehard but I know I wanted to involve and got a Digital pad where I can draw on the screen and also use it as a regular computer screen with a Mac mini plug into it. Dual function so I didn’t feel too bad with spending $400 on it.😅

  10. I bought a screenless pen tablet (xp pen) because I like that you're not looking down when drawing so it is easier to have a good posture while drawing.
    many pros use pen tablets. many noobs only want screen tablets because of hypnotic marketing

  11. These were great tips, thanks. Except for the last one, I bought an Artist Pro 15.6 and I love it, I've always been using tech and electronics, so while I can't draw yet, using traditional medie is just a waste of paper and resources, the digital drawing tablet let me get good at it ON the platform/media I want to use when I get good. It's correct though, that the pad doesn't make you good, but if you can affort it and you are certain you have a passion for it, you might as well go all in. More or less.

  12. I started doing digital art in 2017, and still don't know how to pick my own colour pallete @-@
    although I have a tip that has been mentioned in the comments already: always check your layers. if you accidentally do your colouring on your sketch layer, oh boy
    you gonna have to do it again ⊙-⊙"

  13. Thank you so much for this video! These tips were really useful to me, compact enough to come back anytime and well explained as well. Love to see the effort of someone offering their knowledge for free ❤

  14. Very helpful video! Say I watched a few of your videos and I think in one you used a picture of yourself but then in this one, at around 11:17 to 11:23 I somehow got the impression that these Characters had your face. Is that the case?

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