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🎓 How to color WITHOUT lineart ✒️ Digital Art Tutorial

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I had a lot of requests to do some sort of shading tutorials, so here is one and it’s about how to color and shade when you have no clean lineart to rely on. I hope you like it ♥

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  1. Hi Nadia is your real time still availbable on your patreon site as I am not able to find that or is is on skill share site now which of course you kindly link to???

  2. ive been doing art for about 10 years now and recently started doing digital art. I came across your video because i wanted to try to learn lineless art and i am so amazed how beautiful your art is.

  3. You probably wont see this but i seriously cannot thank you enough for the lasso shading technique, ive had a lot of trouble shading precisely, and this seems so simple that i feel kinda dumb for not using it before lol, thank you so much for showing it to me!

  4. finally someone who gets right to the point. the tutorial was more than sufficient for someone who is just starting out. thank you soooooo much

  5. Omg thank you so much for this. I've just started out CSP and it's so overwhelming. This tutorial is nice and easy to follow.

  6. I recreated your illustration by watching your whole drawing process, I want to say Thanks to you, I learnt so much from this video alone. Thanks for making this process detailed video , Cheers !

  7. Good to see. I've delved some into lineless art but I've always had the problem of the edges looking overly pixellated. I'm guessing that's a result of not shading properly?

  8. Wow. I really love this line less style of drawing. But it seems very advanced. I’m still a beginner and learning the basics. But hopefully I can get to this point too :))

  9. Hey!!How do I pick the proper shade like of a color,like you picked the skintone and the color of the skintone and hair really match and are like in the-…same tone contrast?I dont know what is it called but just every color u use goes together is there a way to pick colors to go together?

  10. Damn, this is so useful, I did my work in a very long way, but this one is effective and less stressful, thanks so much for it, very nice video and voice too!

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