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10 💜 Favourite Digital Art Tips – I don’t want to miss! (Clip Studio Paint 2023)

Here are 10 favourite digital art tips I don’t want to miss. I always do them when I paint and I wanted to share them with you! Hope it help~

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion and how I approach digital painting. Throughout the years I noticed what works better and what doesn’t. This helped me to improve my workflow and speed. It’s not meant to be a complete guide.

► Time Stamps◄
00:05 – 1. Preparing My Workspace
00:34 – 2. Working On Different Projects
00:47 – 3. Sketching Loosely
02:11 – 4. Using References
02:49 – 5. Blocking In Shapes
03:41 – 6. Using The Liquify Tool
04:10 – 7. Cheating With Lighting
05:39 – 8. Drawing Over The Lineart
06:25 – 9. Adding Effects
06:41 – 10. Adding Texture

Everything mentioned in the video will be linked here in the captions.

► Ressources◄
Free Images:

► Tools◄
Drawing Software/App: Clipstudio Paint
For the Noise Texture: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Tablet: XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

► Brushes◄
Prism particle:

(Please check the caps of this video: for more drawing brushes 🙂 )


► Find me on:

►Art Prints & Support:

► Music◄
YouTube Audio Library used.
1. Knowpe – Noir Et Blanc Vie
2. Caballero – Ofshane
3. Koto San – Ofshane

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Your art skills are so good! Thank you for your video, i'm sure it will help a lot of people ^^
    Oh! And, i have a question. How can you select several things with lasso tool? I tried it, but it selects just the new area. The old one is just gets deselected 😭

  2. Ich bin dir so unendlich dankbar! All diese Tipps habe ich sooo gesucht, weil ich sie in anderen Videos sah und nie wusste wie das funktioniert. Vielen lieben Dank! Deine Kunst ist wundervoll <3

  3. Your work is SO accurety and detailed, I love your making process!!!
    The expressions and the movement of the body are just astonishing, AND YOUR ANATOMY!

  4. And how do you upload it for the social media? Because of the compression Instagram or Twitter do, the noise makes it way stronger and the piece loses quality. Have you any tips for work around this problem?

  5. I discovered your channel a week ago and I am in love with your art style! This is the type of style I want to be able to draw when I get better. Do you have any tips for drawing hair strands?

  6. The video was very useful for me.Since i am quite new to the program,'m sure that these tips will help me..But i have a doubt on the first tip of the flipped mirror view thingy.I did what you did but how do i flip it?🥲

  7. Thank you for your amazing video it was very helpful!💗 May I ask 2 questions? 1. How do you use the liquify tool in CSP? 2. What was the effect on which you were able to paint with an outline? Thanks again 🫶

  8. The existence of such a great artist as you gives me inspiration and hope that someday I will succeed! Thank you! May I ask you how long did you learn to draw? Do you have a professional education?

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