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4 Reasons Why I Switched to Mac! [Digital Artist]

The new M1 Pro and M1 Max Macbook pros have been released and I KNEW it was time to switch. I have been using a Macbook air for a significant portion of my work as a Digital Artist/ Designer and it has been a huge help to my workflow. The only thing I needed to make the full switch was a little bit more power…

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  1. I will definitely buy a macbook pro when i become a professional until then a pc is for me cus i still want to play games

  2. “things just work”
    ig dont ever switch to linux lol

    its weird to complain about updates. youd think ppl would want updates. and its not like windows updates happen in the middle of when ure using it lol. i think the problem with this guy is not properly planning for when it updates. lack of awareness. you can set the day and time it updates.

    personally i have a windows pc for gaming, value, versatility, compatibility, future proofing(can upgrade parts without paying $200 for 8GB of pf ram), etc.
    macbook air m2 for my mobile use but bc its so limited its just a glorified word doc machine.
    ipad 12.9 m1 for media consumption .. would use it for more but apple continues to limit the trash ipados. very sad.
    and finally my s23ultra for the best custom phone experience, is always behind. im glad they finally gave their users always on display this year. ive been enjoying that feature on android phones for the past 6-7 years. i would get an iphone but esim is so trash. i love cycling through all the diff flagships… but bit pysSIM is required. also i hate how someone can completely steal a persons apple account if they have someones iphone passcode…. google it.. is insane how easy it is to lock someone out of their apple account via an iphone.

  3. if you invest 5000$ into a mac, or 5000$ into a pc, the pc will defintly have better hardware. depending on what your work is related to, a mac is defintly the wrong choice.

    comming from someone who worked with macbook pro with m1 max and desktop with 3090rtx and i9-11950k.

    no matter how good a laptop is, it simply will never be as good as a dekstop computer, no matter the brand. dou aimply don't have the space for high end tech in it.

    as long as you just use photoshop, sure its great. but once you edit videos or 3d, i'd really start missing my 128gb of ram and rtx 3090.

    but anyway, depends what you need it for.

  4. I’m looking to upgrade after a decade, and similarly somebody who wants to get going out of the box without tinkering around too much. From a budget point of view, I’m leaning towards a Mac mini… not sure if it’s a good future proof option though

  5. I think you're confusing simplicity for "I'm not smart or patient enough to actually figure out how to make things more convenient for me other than to buy an entire new system" all of the problems can be easily solved but you decided to make a video on how much of a meat Ryder you are. Lol

  6. Apparently, some people just anger the PC gods. I've never had most of these problems. I know it happens, but I guess I'm on the gods' good side.

  7. hi ergo , from watching your vedio I saw that you use a razer tartarus keyboard with a MacBook pro. can you please share us how did you do that? bcoz I'm not able to get this connect with the MacBook pro. i bought a razer tartarus v2 by watching your videos. not able to get into their app. and customise the keys. if there is any way to do it. please

  8. @ErgoJosh – No envy. Just doing a dollar $ign checklist of all the accessories! So, thanks for sharing hands-on review for each one😂

  9. to keep this short you are aware that you just compared a Laptop to a Desktop, right?

    and no, you don't have to buy an apple laptop you can get any other laptop with high end performance. I'll just leave it at that.

  10. I use an ASUS 2 IN1 with hDMI 4K OLED, US military grade Gorilla Glass and pantone validated by Adobe. It's a laptop and a tablet I can draw right on the Glass. The stylus pen has 4096 touch points. Pretty much the coolest thing I have ever used.

  11. However, the Wacom and Huion graphics tablet drivers work infinitely better on Windows.

    And it's honestly not hard to get a much more versatile computer than a Mac. You just have to update it regularly and tweak the settings wich requires time and knowledge that many do not have, I admit.

  12. so far i have used windows but at a certain point a blue screen would appear and the computer would shut down automatically and my clip studio drawings were deleted.. this thing happened very often and sometimes i cried because i was wasting hours of work.. but that's enough i don't want to anymore hearing about windows (yet I also have an ipad pro and it has never given me problems) now i will buy a mac

  13. Both are on the Linux Kernel. My issue is that I am Ambidextrous, and use 2 – 4 paint brushes, at my drafting table, for painting by hand.
    Neither Mac nor Win, has been able to do that.
    My Win Machines have always been as stable as my Mac machines. I've still both G3 and G4 laptops, and G5 desktop. Did have G4 desktop. Guess which 2 croaked? Desktops! Why? Because I beat the hell out of them, for graphics!
    G4, rebuilt. G5, never did figure out whether it was the Logic board or dual GPUs, perhaps even the power supply.
    Ergo, when I went to having my Win desktops built to my specs, they've been much more stable than the Macs, sadly. Gave away 2 graphic machines away to the local community college, to those who needed them at home.
    My latest Win build: bought a server, best hyperthreader I could buy. Top SSD, and good drive.
    After 4 years on the latest build, I detected a slight clicking on my hard drive yesterday, every sec or so. Yes, finally beginning to die.
    Ergo, getting a Pro drive, that can go into a RAID. It will be more noisy, but I am getting into the area where I have a need for speed!

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