8 Best Tezos NFT Artists

Find out who the best Tezos NFT artists are and why you should know about them! The Tezos blockchain is popular with many new and established NFT artists. They can create and mint projects often without constraint as long as it’s original and abides by some basic formatting rules. 

Art collectors can pick from dozens of captivating art projects on Tezos marketplaces like fx.hash that are usually cheaper than comparable Ethereum counterparts.

Watch my video now, or read the article below.

8 Best Tezos NFT Artists To Follow and Collect

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  1. hello, your video is very interesting, then I can suggest other artists who for my part deserved to be in your top, I'm thinking of Eko33 and Qubibi who started on tezos in 2021 can you make a video on it?

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