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8 Digital Products that Make AT LEAST $100/day 💰

If you’ve ever thought about creating and selling digital products but you don’t know what type of digital products to create to actually make money, this is the video for you! I’m bringing you EIGHT digital product ideas to help you make at least $100 per day so you can make money in your sleep ’cause ain’t that the dream?!?


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  2. Hi Jessica, I love this but I have a question. If i were to sell presets or digital planners how much, roughly, would I have to invest in ads to pump sells in the first months? Because I feel there is so much supply of these products that I believe it takes so long to start actually making profit. Thanks, x

  3. Watching this video inspired me to start in with "all the things" 😉 I started with Digital Planners, and then I expanded into teaching Affinity Publisher. I am not a graphic designer, but I am a trained software trainer and I love teaching how to use any software. I'm also a software engineer so I teach the system to create digital planners. So thanks, Jessica!

  4. Hey hi I am Himanshu 19 years old teenager I am pretty good in making thumbnails video editing if you will give me a chance so I will do this stuff for you just only 1000$for

  5. Thanks Jessica! I am a web app ui developer (corporate development), Independent OPTAVIA coach, entrepreneur, etc, with many ideas on business ideas. Trying to organize all my ideas to branch out into different areas. Too many ideas which is good I guess… 🤔. Thanks for sharing all your experiences!

  6. I have been creating CAD drawings for 20 years, specifically dxf laser cut patterns for engineering. I need to shift my thinking over to how I am going to create small items for domestic sale. Comments to help me think how I could do this would be appreciated.

  7. you are one confused stupid content creator. you confused me too. congratulations on your new achievment. not your fault. all women talk silly.

  8. So inspirational. Just starting out. Where do you suggest selling these templates, etc? On my website only? Or do you recommend (or not recommend) other locations like Etsy or Creative market?

  9. Great ideas and I’m so motivated. I feel like from the research I’ve done the real issue is getting your stuff in front of the customer. I would love to create digital products but I fear it would get buried on Etsy and no one would see them. How do we market effectively to our consumer?

  10. Thanks for the video, new follower here. I'm inspired and I would love to make passive money. I think digital art and digital planners sound appealing. I'll be checking out more of your content for more help and inspiration. Thanks again!🙂

  11. This is my first time watching any of your videos (I found it searching for selling printable ideas) and I absolutely love your personality!! Definitely one of my favorite channels now.

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