Acrylic Swipe, Acrylic Pour Painting, Art Tutorials DRY SWIPING :)

COZ Creations demonstrations and techniques used in this video include:
Paints used:
Rust-Oleum Copper Penny
Golden Iridescent Gold Fine
Pourage Posse Galaxy Blue Shimmer (available @ ChristinaWelch Art@yahoo.com)
Golden Manganese Blue Hue
Golden Iridescent Pearl Fine
Artist Loft Black

Base Coat Colors are straight out of the bottle. No PM

Pouring Medium: 50% Flood Floetrol / 50% Golden Gac 800

Paint to PM Ratio: 1 part paint to 3.5-4 parts PM

Music Epidemic Sound
“Big spoon” by Roof
“Scattered in the wind” by Dayon
“A new tomorrow” by Alan Ellis

Contact me:
Email: cozcreationsart@gmail.com

Painting Sales & Commissions:
Contact: cozcreationsart@gmail.com

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cozcreations
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  1. Hi Cathleen just spent a few hours rewatching many of your videos and to me this is one of your best! It is so powerful. I see a night scene of buildings distorted in reflections by the cars and city lights on a rainy, oil slicked road! It’s a masterpiece!
    Lynne New Zealand

  2. Mornin Miss Cathleen. 2:14 a.m. Up with a thumpin head and watchin this makes me itch to pull out a stack of canvases lol. I need to try this…
    Enjoy your coffee m'dear… Blessed Sunday… ❤️

  3. Just when I think you’ve done it all, here you go again we are magic hands and do something incredible. I just love your stuff you’re painting the colors that you use all the time it’s all amazing.

  4. Every time I watch one of your videos I think…oh that one is my favorite…then I watch another video and think the same thing. I love almost every piece of art you create.

  5. So thankful to you, your work are so amazing and inspiring. Can you help please. I want to do a dry swipe by using black, grey, bronze and some white. What will be the order of colours?

  6. Cathleen , you are certainly the Queen of swipes. Do you have a system to how you do your swipes. They are certainly different to anyone elses. Would love to be able to try these. They are amazing. Glenis

  7. Hi from the snowy Minneapolis Metro, Cathleen. This painting is so magical. I love everything about it. Hope you and your “boys” had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for another great tutorial. Hugs.

  8. Cathleen, I loved watching you create this amazing painting. You have a wonderful sense of balance. Painting the base in that style is so freeing and enjoyable (to do and to watch). And your swiping was mesmerizing! I love that you pay attention to the tiny details. Sending you much love and big hugs ~Cheryl

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