Digital Art

AI made digital art from sketch

From simple sketches to digital art, AI generators provide a simple solution. In this video, I am sharing tips and tricks, on how you can do that.
Be sure to use to upscale your AI-generated art.
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What do I use:
Best image upscaler
Corsair keyboard:
GoPro 11
Canon R5 camera –
Must have lens adapter EF to RF
DJI Osmo 6
One of my favorite modifiers from Fotodiox –
Another modifier, that helps with fill light –

Adobe Photoshop CC –
Photokey 8 Pro –

My Vue book –
3D Art essentials –

My Patreon webpage –
Tutorials and packs –
Tutorials website –
Photography –

Subscribe to my channel for fast notifications on new tutorials –

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  1. The problem I am having and I can't find a solution anywhere pertains to setting the aspect ratio in Midjourney to an uploaded image. In other words, one can specify the aspect ratio for an image that is generated from text prompts as you describe in this video. What I want to do is upload an (jpg) image to Midjourney and then generate a "Midjourney" image by pasting the image link into the /imagine prompt and adding text prompts. However, one cannot specify the aspect ratio when doing this. The aspect ratio ALWAYS defaults to 1:1. Trying to add –ar (anything) to choose the aspect ratio results in an error message. Does anyone have any suggestions to get around this problem? thanks

  2. i don't understand why my image address is only the name of the image. and he always generates something completely different. actually i wanted to invite a vector logo from which he should make variations so the design of the logo should remain it should only be embellished with color. i am absolutely disappointed with Midjourney

  3. Midjourney has a long way to go. Real artists should be very happy. Ai is never going to be as good as a real artist. The problem is I don't think people 5 years from now are going to care. Fake artists, writers. Etc are flooding the market and destroying people's tastes

  4. I absolutely appreciate the workflow. I've been searching for these types of videos forever and finally someone made one! I could sit and watch people do this all day. It helps me understand things a lot more easily. Thank you!

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