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Actually they weren’t that bad…carry on

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Tumblr: http://leslielumarie.tumblr.com/


The Momentum and Tunnels in Goa and Hampi by Bail Bonds
Rubber Ducky by Slynk
Anime by Emmit Fenn
Mister Lady by Freedome Trail Studio
Summer in the Neighborhood by Bad Snacks
End Card Music by 556pm:
Art Program: Clip Studio Paint
Tablet: Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16”
Screen Recording: OBS
Camera: Canon Powershot G7 Mark II
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Video Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro

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  1. I have been looking for this YouTube channel ever since I lost it a few years ago. I always looked for it but I forgot the name and used to search up lesleyowl cause I thought that was the name for some reason. Just a few hours ago I thought about this channel and Remembered that I downloaded firealpaca cause of this channel and searched firealpaca tut and it came up! I’m so glad the YouTuber still posts

  2. Hii i'd just like to say u were my biggest inspiration towards improving my art and im so happy to see how much u've grown and improved since i first watched your shading tutorial with link back when i first got my art tablet 😭🧡❤

  3. I loved your old tutorials. I used to think they were peak art. Now i look back after so many years and realize that you were still growing and getting better too. So now it's just a source of nostalgia. Same with hearing your voice. Your voice is so unique and nice to listen to. So glad to see you still uploading. Especially after he who shall not be named just crushing your spirit. The good side is getting to see your journey of recovery and watching that spark come back in each new video. Love you Leslie! Thank you for being such a crucial part of my life as a growing artist and as a form of comfort all these years

  4. omg the paper dolls tutorial takes me baaaack 💕you got me into fire alpaca at that time and pretty much got me back into digital art after paint tool sai decided to never work again with my graphic tablet

  5. Just so you know i haven't watched you in a while but i do remember that once character of yours, think his name was Luka? Well he has black ahir with a blond strike and that shit stuck with me so hard i still think of making a lighter strike to my characters hair lmao, already done it on a few occasions, all your fault in a way haha

  6. Holy moly!! I remember watching the paper doll tutorial and thinking that it was such a cool way to make digital art! I’m still here years later, at age 19, out of school.. Les, I know ppl have said this already (and I have too probably) but you were and still are one of my inspirations for my art! ☺️ im glad you made this video, brought back memories!

  7. OMG. I have been subscribed since I was in elementary!! Now I am going to be a senior 🥲I am so happy you are still uploading and LOVE your style and content! 💖 The tutorials and story times, designs and everything was so fun and helpful even though I am just now doing digital art. Ur literally my childhood icon artist, Leslie!! Much love 🦉💕💕💕

  8. Honestly I love love love your tutorials in general and they always help a lot…your YT tutorials are the reason I got into digital art back in 2016!!! I simply can't thank you enough! ALSO your old tutorials are sooo precious, I am glad you have archived them 🥺💖

  9. I've been watching your youtube for a long time back when i was a beginner artist…i remember the eyelash color thingy and thought it was so cool back then

  10. I like all of your tutorials, Leslie. They always give me some idea that I might not have thought of. Also I forgot how beautiful you are, glad to see you again.

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