BEAUTY OUT OF CHAOS (charcoal drawing tutorial)

Follow along with this full in depth tutorial and technique demo of how I use chaos to emphasize beauty in a charcoal portrait. In this drawing I use…

Pan pastel
Compressed charcoal
Charcoal pencil
Blending stump
Kneaded eraser

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Love you all, be well. Let me know what you’d like to see next

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  1. I was surprised when I first tried charcoal drawing. I attended an art class for a while and we did watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. When we were going to try charcoal I didn't expect to like it, but I loved it. It suits the way I like to work, where I rough everything in and keep refining it until my eye tells me it looks right. Probably not the best way to work, but it works for me. I do put time into getting proportions correct etc, but I love being able to constantly refine it.

  2. 12:52 It's crazy how just two chaotic yet calculated strokes of the eraser added back the exaggeratedness and dynamic nature that you were talking about towards the beginning.

  3. What kind of I pad do you use? If I am not drawing on an I pad, do I need to get an Ipad Pro?
    Thanks in advance. Love your work. Can't wait to start with pan pastel.

  4. The "Renaissance" artists that used red charcoal and the special paper TRACED the imagery of of slabs of stone.

    They TRACED the imagery. That's why they used charcoal. You'll see…

    OR i am totally misinformed and this is all just a terrible misunderstanding.

  5. this is stunning! I dream of having the ability to draw and paint in this impressionistic way. I have always drawn and painted almost photographic style but when I try. this, it looks …well, not like this. Do you paint as well? In this style?

  6. Really similar to how I used charcoal back when I did traditional. I liked how chaotic you could be and how quickly it could go from random marks to suddenly looking like what you're drawing.

  7. You have extraordinary talent to make portraits like this.. Have you ever thought about just pouring charcoal powder on canvas (smearing the charcoal) and making a portrait from the face you see within the smears? Without a reference I mean. Letting the charcoal choose who you will draw…. I seen an artist do that once. Turned out amazing. I have pareidolia (where I see faces/words/numbers/etc. in wood grain, or any natural organic surface). The things I see are disturbing sometimes. I haven’t tried this process but I want to.

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