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Best Drawing Tablet By Price

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I’m often asked: What is the best drawing tablet out there and I’m never sure how to answer it. It really depends on what you are willing to spend. So in this video I go by price point and talk about my favorite products by price.

00:29 UNDER 100
03:20 UNDER 250
06:29 UNDER 500
08:50 UNDER 1000

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  1. I know you mention the steeper learning curve with the pen tablets, but I see this as a plus – let me explain: One of the challenges I found in a drawing course was to do blind contour drawing, and the aim is to improve the hand/eye/paper coordination and increase the observation skills. I feel that getting a pen tablet is a challenge for sure, but the progress in skills is greater. I'll probably move to a screen-based tablet at some point in the future but for now I'm still challenging myself to a: learn to draw digitally and b: learn the skills I mentioned above.

  2. Hi what's your opinion regarding the Nokia and lenovo with active stylus? There are also under 250, and have the pen included, in most places. Are this tablets good for drawing and to take handwitten notes? Thank you

  3. I use the Tab S6 lite right now and I loved it. Used it for about 1.5 years and complete used up the pen tip. However, I feel like I can't expand my kind of art anymore as the apps are limited. I am saving up for an iPad air 5 as I can get my photoshop subsription on iOS and there is Procreate and many more!

  4. Another brand that does not see very much in western sphere is UGEE, which is understandable because most of their market is in China. They have really amazingly designed 100$ screenless tablets. I'm still using it to this day.

  5. I have a question about one of your videos: You showed a program what had a endler whiteboard and it was free program can you tell me what it was. Please🖖

  6. Can someone explain to me how do you know where the pen is on the screen? It just seems counterproductive to guess and guess wrong and then guess wrong again, I can't see any indicators so I can't help but wonder how people do it?

  7. I have a 'Veikk' graphics tablet that I got for my birthday last year. I still haven't gotten used to it so I'm considering maybe getting something with a screen, but I'm not sure at the same moment.

  8. i started with a screenless wacom tablet, then got a huion kamvas 16 pro (the older 1080p model) and now i also have the galaxy tab s8. in my opinion all of them have benefits, the samsung tablet is good portable size and doesn't need a computer, the huion is good for digital art and the wacom is still in use in other drawing tablet required things, like certain games that benefit from it.

  9. The medium Wacom, yes it’s not in the 100usd range, but would it be worth to go for the 50extra bucks compare to the huion/xp pen? I don’t really mind the 50usd but wonder what you think? The pen has only half of the pressure points. Such a tablet is gonna last long so I guess it’s fair to invest in something you will have fun for long.. I am not really convinced on drawing directly on a screen I guess with some time you’d be as capable with a tablet like drawing in a screen and my screen is massive and accurate so why shouldn’t I use it

  10. I think the hand/eye coordination issue with the Pen tablets it's a bit exaggerated sometimes. From the first Time I used my Wacom tablet it felt really natural. Not exactly the same as drawing on paper, but very intuitive. On the opposite side, seeing the Pen over the screen kind of bothers me, I have to tilt the Pen a Lot to get a clear View.

  11. Got the 16 inch XP-Pen for right at $200. If you are on a budget but really need and or want a drawing graphics tablet, then don't be afraid to look for things like used or open boxes. I got mine because a lady's daughter opened hers and used it like two or three times and eventually got another, smaller one. I've had it for two years now and it runs and works great for what I need. I just think people overthink it. Heck, I almost got a 22" Huion for nearly same price, it too was an open box deal at Amazon.

  12. 2:40 why would the Wacom pen be better? Huion has over 8 thousand pressure sensitivity levels,..while I think , if I’m not mistaken, the Wacom doesn’t even have half that?… pressure sensitivity is the most important feature to look out for.

  13. Hey, I was wondering that, from the S7 FE above, these tablets have a monitor function, so, would I be able to use the Photoshop from my PC but at the tablet (using it as an extension of my pc, but with the possibility of the galaxy pen)?

  14. The Deco 01 V2 is an amazing tablet for the price. I think the software could be a little better, but in terms of feel I like it better than every entry level Wacom I've ever used.

  15. In i think 2021 i asked my mom for a drawing tablet but she got me a normal table on accident hopefully she doesn't do the same thing if i show her one of these maybe she'll get me one for Christmas 🫶

  16. I really need a tablet that I can draw on and it appears on my monitor. For like a class, need the virtual chalk board. All these pads have black surfaces.

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