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Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners – What I Recommend

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I’m often asked “what drawing tablet should I get” and the answer is “it depends”. This is the path I go through when I recommend tablets to new artists.

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  1. I bought the S6 Lite and got the 2020 edition because I didn't know there was a 2022 edition and I fucking hate it. I never use and I'm going to be selling it soon.

  2. In all fairness i love android, they are good but i would never recommend them in the long run. If you want something quick I'll say go get it, but after 2/3 years the performance would get progressively worse 🤷 on the other hand ipad can last many many years but of course they are more expensive

  3. Hi Brad, I have a question, what are the differences between stylus pens that need to be charged and ones that don't need to?

    As a product user, I simply assumed that no-charging is better than chargable ones. But honestly I'm curious about the components behind it.

  4. Thanks, Brad, for another great video. Since I used a Wacom Bamboo a few years back, I decided to go with an XP-Pen Deco. I'm using a MacBook Air and a Mac Mini, and I couldn't find drivers for the older Wacoms. I haven't tried out the Deco yet, but I'm sure it'll do the trick.

  5. Absolutely love ex pen. Got an Artist 15.6 Pro like 4 years ago and it's still holding up great. I got the Deco 02 for school, love the ring feature my 15.6 has and new I needed a graphics tablet that had it too lol

  6. My xp pen started glitching and messing up i had lags and the screen would black out bc of my chrome book not having enough power so Def don't use a chrome book for your tablets

  7. I got the iPad air because it's a cheaper option and basically works just like a iPad pro but slightly smaller and less of a camera but it's still good

  8. BRAAAAD~!! What’s your cheapest/best value tablet + android compatible drawing monitor combination would you suggest (for those of us who do art and take notes)

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