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Can you paint with ONLY a Basic Round Brush? | Digital Art Challenge

I try painting with a default basic round brush in photoshop! Spoiler alert, you don’t *need* fancy brushes to make digital art 😨😨😨
Ps. Suggest some new challenges in the comments below!! And be sure to check out all my work on instagram ✨

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  1. This was interesting because I don’t use many brushes- I’m just beginning digital art. It would be helpful to see how you started out- what were your first steps in learning digital art? Did you learn at a school or on your own? Thank you!

  2. It looked like you were only working with 2 layer, I’m assuming one was your pencil layer. I notice you would move from the paint layer up to the pencil layer sometimes. What were you doing and do you eventually merge them together??

    Thank you!!

  3. Hey Sam nice job.
    I'm a follower for just a small time, so I'm not already through all of your Videos and I'm landed on this here right now.
    Question, when did you found your own personal style, when did you found your Kara ? Because I have seen Kara even in your "not normal" painting style. 🙂 What is really nice, because I like Kara. ^^

  4. 1:35 oh I was scared that you were gonna use a different brush for sketching so I was relieved when you didn't l.. maybe because I saw someone do that before or maybe it just popped into my mind and now I don't remember if it's a memrory or a thought lol

  5. I’m using microsoft Surface 7. Any idea why blending colors just doesn’t work smoothly for me? 🙁 The pressure sensitivity is on and everything in photoshop.

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