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Digital Art 101! Beginner’s Guide to Layers!

In this week’s video I show how to use layers and many other features in Clip Studio Paint!

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  1. It's precisely the different layers used to get to your initial sketch I'm looking for. I understand the concept of it later with under and over the sketch but if you still reply to this, I'd love some insight to that too

  2. this was the most helpful video! all the other videos, honestly wasted my time and discouraged me so much, but this video turned it all around for the better!! thank you love2drawmanga!!!!

  3. Thank you so much! I'm trying to learn how to draw, how to use clip studio paint, and how to use a drawing tablet all at the same time and your videos are so helpful.

  4. Thank you so much! I didn’t know any pf this and your verbal and visual explanations are so simple! Ilysm! I SO needed clipping layers but I didn’t even know what they did so I just avoided them! Thank u so much you are truly great! Definitely worth the subscription

  5. This really helped me! I just downloaded Clip Studio Paint and you really helped me a lot.

    Edit: The layers actually saved me very much.

  6. I was on Instagram right now and I’m just so jealous by people my age being so good at digital art. I mean I’m not terrible at it, it’s just that I want to be good like them. Normally 14 year olds would have crappy art and just seeing there’s is just unbelievable because of how kids my age could do such an amazing thing

  7. Thank you! I rarely use layers wich might be a problem. Whenever I draw the sketch, and try to draw over it, it looks weird. The thing is I have NO problem with just drawing without layers. Can you help me with this. ;-;

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