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Digital Drawing For The First Time In YEARS..

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(Her channel focuses on weight loss, health/fitness, her health journey, vlogs, etc. It’s def a gem on Youtube. check it out, yo.)

My First Video YEARS ago on Digital Art:

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Other Videos: Draw My Life:
Turning Crayola Markers Into Copics: Drawing Mona Lisa With Crayons:

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  1. Hey y’all! This was a really difficult challenge for me and I’m not as confident as I am with my physical art, but a lot of you digital artists have been so kind and welcoming to me, it’s been amazing. Props to y’all cause this ain’t easy!!! I have gained a crazy amount of respect for digital artists

  2. I haven't got a pc so I'm confined to usthe Samsung galaxy tab s7 plus but with infinite painter it is so good and relatively easy for newbies like me.

  3. I had a teacher who made a point of cleaning off a student's charcoal drawing (which made her literally leave forever, crushed her soul, traumatized her for life) and we all collectively hated him for it. Until I started working in Photoshop, on unreliable computers that would crash halfway through my unsaved work. So, I know how you feel 😅

  4. There’s an easier way create a new layer for colors place it below line art make sure to make the line art not blakck use lasso tool to select the places you want to color alpha lock it and sprinkle some shading on

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