Discover My First NFT Collection And Win An Art Print!

In this video, I present you my new project.
A collection of NFT artworks made with a unique creation process that mixes hand painting and digital art.

To celebrate the launch of this new project, I’m offering you the chance to win an art print, and maybe an NFT from my collection!

Simply join the project’s Twitter account to enter.

Follow the project on the dedicated Twitter account:

More videos to come in which I will show you how I created my NFT collection.

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  1. This is helpful. I just had someone reach out asking to purchase some of my artwork as NFTs but I'm not yet set up to do that. I have more research to do but I did find your video helpful, thanks!

  2. Hi John, I am sure you will be unique and as the time goes on this will be so excited to create new wonderful things. I can wait to follow you in this new pass. . Thanks for sharing..

  3. I am really excited for your next video! I have created images for my grandchildren’s toy boxes using a layering program called Artrage. I’m certain it’s not as sophisticated as what you will be doing, but the results were quite gratifying.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I was with you till you talked about your collection!!! So many questions! How do you digitalism, how much does it cost, how is all the data recorded e.g. sales price, say I buy an NFT from dubai – how would I get the piece physically on my wall in the UK…..etc

  5. I have nothing against the principle of NFT, but most NFTS now are very ugly and have nothing artistic. Are the astronauts we see on the Twitter account are the NFTS of your collection? In that case I think it's beautiful!!!!

  6. I don't understand how you get paid. You can't pay for your groceries or your home with NFTs. Can someone please explain? I would really appreciate it 🙏

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