Frustrated by art tutorials? Here’s why.

(Spoiler alert: it’s not you.) (And yes my videos and classes can cause the same frustration as anyone else’s!) Blog post with more info and pinnable images: https://bit.ly/3JsIleD

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Frustrated by art tutorials? 00:00
Using same 3 Colored Pencils to create different looks 00:41
Using same 3 Copic Markers to create different looks 3:43
How to use the Artventure App 06:34

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Mo’s Digital Pencil stamps:
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• Love You To Bits https://bit.ly/3sF9kg2
Copic Markers – https://bit.ly/31g1FYN
Copic Hex Chart – https://bit.ly/3rq3AEX
Neenah Cardstock, Solar White https://amzn.to/3q8RbqP
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  1. My title for this would be, "Why I fond find ArtTube tutorials so frustrating." Thank you so much, Sandy, for highlighting some of the reasons for this frustration, and for helping others not to feel so bad about themselves!. 😊

  2. Wonderful video thanks Sandy, I was amazed to see such different skin tones and only three colours. I think I'd all I always seem to struggle with skin tones and always use more that the colours. I need to practice more I see, thank you for all your do

  3. I love this app!! I have purchase some of your pencil/copic classes in the past and have learned SOOOO much. Just got the email about the app downloaded and paid amazing $2.99 a YEAR for all this information, support, tutorials… omg what a great app!!! thank you!!

  4. I think that some people have unrealistic aspirations too, I find your advice useful and helpful, but I don’t want to colour / draw / paint like you, I want my work to be mine. I expect to and want to do it differently. I’ve been enjoying the app, and didn’t see the video as a commercial for it, I watched a useful video about colouring skin tone, with some info about the app which I didn’t have to watch if I didn’t want to! Keep up the good work

  5. Sandy, your video was very helpful to me. I hav e been using copics for years and have had no problems—-yours and mine look similar,however -colored pencils is a whole different ballgame–I have watched your videos and others watching and rewatching. Thanks so much for the explanation.. I will continue watching and learning from you, Thanks.

  6. Hey Sandy! Using your suggestions for adding purples (or other “odd” colors) for skin tones has been one of the most gratifying lessons I have gleaned from your tutorials over the years and I am TRULY thankful for your generosity. Thank you a million times.

  7. You are such an amazing artist, and we as a collective or paper crafters are so lucky to have you share a bit of your talents on the “how to’s” of coloring in all arena’s of markers, paints, water colors and coloring pencils. Thank you for your time in sharing and teaching all of us crafters, it is so greatly appreciated!❤️👍

  8. Love this Sandy. Thank you so much. It is so helpful and encouraging love love, love your videos and content.. And I just downloaded the app What a great idea I think it will be my favorite

  9. Thanks for all of your amazing content Sandy. I've learned SO much from you & I'm looking forward to continuing the journey. I downloaded the app and it looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to using it, and meeting other budding artists. Again, thanks so much for your inspiration!

  10. Because of this issue I'd much rather have less on actual colours used and more on how to create value, form and shadows. That way it doesn't matter which medium you use nor what colours you have. That app looks great, I'm going to check it out. Thank you.

  11. Just joined your app. I’m so glad you did this as I’m not on any social media site. And if I get stuck I can always go back to this video to see how to navigate it properly. Thank you 😊

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