Digital Art

Getting Started with Digital Painting

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Jon Neimeister is a digital painter who’s worked in the gaming industry for years and in this lesson, he covers the overall things you need to know before you get started with digital painting. You’ll learn about some of the pros and cons of choosing digital over traditional, get an overview of the software and hardware that you’ll need and learn some basics on hotkeys, tools, and document settings. If you enjoy this lesson check out the full course which offers more in-depth information on digital painting –

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0:00 – Introducing Your Instructor
2:12 – Pros and Cons of Digital Painting
4:46 – Health Tips for Digital Artists
6:29 – Software and Hardware Tools
10:16 – Shortcuts and Hotkeys
12:23 – Setting Up Your Canvas
15:41 – Outro

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Artist | Instructor – Jon Neimeister (
Producer – Stan Prokopenko (, Sean Ramsey (
Script – Jon Neimeister
Production Assistance – Sierra Tillman, Sean Ramsey
Editing – Sierra Tillman (, Sean Ramsey,

Cartoon Animations – Cody Shank (

Music Used with Permission
Intro – The Freak Fandango Orchestra

Additional music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Very exciting innovations to challenge yourself. New territory for many, but not for those who don’t even try. Is failure not even trying at all ? Is success staying in your comfy zone ?

  2. So he mentioned to do your painting in RGB and then convert to CMYK after you are finished (for printing purposes) .. but does that not mess up your colors?? Anytime i've done that, my color profiles get totally thrown off.. So i just paint it CMYK now. Am I missing something within the conversion?

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