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Hidden Beauty – a collection created on two blockchains (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and associated with Picasso paintings.

Hidden Beauty NFT will grant its holder the exclusive right to claim a fractional ownership stake in a masterpiece by the illustrious Pablo Picasso, as the project creators ambitiously endeavor to acquire the artwork for the collective benefit of participants! And that’s not all the advantages that NFT Hidden Beauty has in store.
– Passive income from NFTs being staked from the collection
– Participation in $BEAUTY token Airdrops after each sale stage
– The ability to pump your NFT to a higher level without additional investment
– Special gifts and giveaways (you will get $2000 at the Pablo NFT level)
– Participate in offline events and community meetings
– The ability to play the NFT-Monopoly art game, which the project creators plan to launch, and win NFTs and project tokens.

Right now, NFT Hidden Beauty can be tried for FREE by participating in their Zealy.

Here are the official links:

/ @hidden_beauty_nft

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Artist Leaderboard 🏆 Collector Buyer Guide 📖 Buy • Sell • Trade 📈 #NFT

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