How ARTISTS can use NFTS to SELL MORE WORK and build their BRAND

My NFT line Crunchy Cows is now minting:

In this video I will walk you through my thinking on why artists should be using (or at least experimenting with) using NFTS to sell more of their work.

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Website mentioned: – for generating your characters – for hiring on demand Discord mods
Not mentioned but worth checking out: Third Web

Editing by me
Epidemic Sounds
“Cool” by Brendan Ryan

Drawing tools:
Apple iPad Pro 2nd Gen 256GB
Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
Procreate App
Posca Pens

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  1. Thanks for your video! Once you add a collection of 300 NFTs, can you keep adding in to the collection or is the amount of items determined at the beginning?

  2. I could really use some input / advice. I have recently list 3 NFT art pieces for sale. I haven't paid any fees yet. From the research I've done, apparently the gas fees are not due until the NFT sells. My Question: Will I be notified to PAY the Gas Fees once an NFT sells? I have someone saying they are ready to purchase a piece but I need to pay the gas fee, but when I go to the NFT, it's just listed for sale, I don't know HOW to pay the gas fee. This is my first time and I am very confused. Could you help clarify this for me please. Shain

  3. Hey great video! I noticed you didn't mention utility of the NFT. Is ok to launch a collection just as an a pfp? Also, this video may have been posted before the royalty issues with opensea. Do you know if opensea is still honoring creator royalties?

  4. #lunaticstoken #NFT Airdrop ,Are you ready?
    After the launch of the new #eth,
    Those that hold Smart Chain (BNB) NFT’s, for each NFT you hold you can expect to receive the airdrop on the ETH side to the holding wallet.

    That means; If you hold NFT’s in a multi chain wallet from Lunatics then you will get an airdrop enough to allow rewards. Speculation to this would be 500K Lunatics(ERC20) .
    Stay tuned with LunaticsToken!
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  5. Awesome video. Had to subscribe. Had two questions. What kind of MacBook do you use? And also do you have a video where you really show step by step how to use the nft generator? You kind of went a little fast in this video with it

  6. So I have a few images I do 3d Art, and people have been telling me to mint them as NFTs, but I have no idea how to market my art, pictures I make are totally different and I cant generate 1000 images. I would rather post a collection of 10,20.

  7. I'm a new nft artist myself. I'm the creator of ghostly kittens. Cool 3d ghost kittens with awesome cyberpunk/neon glowing vibes. I just did a mini project where i use the same kittens in animated slogan nfts. My stuff has custom options for the same price. 😀

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