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How To Choose A Canvas Size • All About Pixels, Dimensions, And Resolution • Digital Art & Print

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Well, it’s time to (finally) answer the question you guys have been asking me the most… How to choose a canvas size when creating digital art? What is the best canvas size for print? What is the best image size for social media (Facebook & Instagram image size)? What’s the deal with resolution? What is the best canvas size for Procreate?
Ok… That’s 5 questions, but they’re all pretty much the same when you have a good understanding of a few key concepts.

In this video, I’ll tell you all about pixels, dimensions, and resolution so that you can confidently pick a canvas size for your next digital art creation 🙂
00:00 Intro
01:04 Pixels
01:25 Dimensions
01:54 Resolution
02:41 Canvas size for screen
03:17 Social media image dimensions
05:14 Canvas size for print
06:13 Magic formula
06:52 Procreate layer limit

How To Choose A Canvas Size • All About Pixels, Dimensions, And Resolution • Digital Art & Print
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  1. If I want to print two separate sizes of the same artwork, (let's say 9"*12* and 6”*8”)
    1. Then while drawing it in procreate, I should choose a canvas size of the bigger print dimension I.e. 9”*12” right? Then I can easily reduce the size for the smaller print dimension i.e 6”*8” without compromising quality.
    2. In order change pint size of same picture, do I have to always keep same ratio?

  2. I am blown away by your great explanation 🙏, Super easy to understand 👌. 
    I honestly had no idea about this for so many years searching in google & youtube and never understood this. Everyone made this so complex to understand.
    I wish i knew this channel before. Subscribed your channel ❤

  3. Hello I hope you are doing great, can you please help me out here I am designing a linked background image in procreate but the canvas size is too small and is resulting in brushes being pixelated can you please help me with this 😔😔😭

  4. Hello! I loved this video and very much look forward to trying out some of your tutorials. I am beginning my art print store where my prints will be available for download. I work in procreate so I am wondering if you have tips on ensuring the best quality for print if there are certain texture brushes that are better than others. I was trying to figure out vectors but I find that you just can't get the same textures that way. Do you think it is necessary to make all prints vectors in order to be printed?

  5. I really want to know that if the picture i draw is 4 inch and quality is already good in this size, and if i make it bigger then 4 inch like 7 or 10 or more the quality will getting bad because it made for only 4 inch, and i want to know is there the way to make picture quality look good? If i want to make the same picture in different size?

  6. Genevieve, I so love your enthusiasm; it brings such joy to watching your tutorials. I do have a couple inquires. I've been creating in Procreate and sharing only digitally. I would now like to offer digital printables. I'm finding if I create in Procreate on a 8.5×11 canvas at 300dpi, when I export it, it comes into my files as 96dpi. Also, can you export an entire document as a png with white background? Seems as though it doesn't matter if my background layer is turned off or not. I always ends up with a transparent one. And finally, I would love for you to do a tutorial that really explains the individual blend modes. Thanks for any suggestions. They would be greatly appreciated.

  7. At 8:00 you said you wouldn’t get into it but it’s exactly what I need to understand ☹️ do you have a video explaining more of this? I have to do a huge scale print of a digital art work and it’s showing too blurry 😭😭😭

  8. Hi this was a really helpful video thank you… I want to print some art on canvas of 32 x 47 inches so I just do 32 x 300 and vice versa to get the size I need in px? If I change the DPI to a higher number than 300 would that skew the picture? Or should it always be 300. I also heard to change to CMYK to RGB would you recommend that too?

  9. I’ve been wanting to invest more time into digital art after having procreate for a while and I appreciate this video for all the helpful tips and information, thank you!!!

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