How to Create and Sell NFT Art (super simple!)

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In this video I show you how to create and sell your own NFT art! Watch as I sell one of my art pieces step by step and completely from scratch! We set up a wallet (metamask), and sign up to an NFT marketplace called rarible.

I hope you enjoy!
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  1. My acct got hacked and I practically lots my NFTs which were stolen,I lost my mind searching for help,thank goodness I was recommended to click_cybertech by a close friend of mine who was really a blessing. he recovered my account and a few of my collections, at least that's something. Swift service and so efficient too💯💪🏾

  2. TNice tutorials is so fun editing in it I just saw half of your tutorial and couldn't stop PLAYING WITH ITT dont worry I ca bac k after it

  3. TNice tutorials is actually a very good and straight forward tutorial. No having ask questions or guess, no over-explaining elents, and brings

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