How to Create NFT Art With Canva (NFT Trading Card Tutorial)

If you want to create your own NFT art then you’re in the right place my friend, because in this video I’ll show you how to create your very own NFT trading card with Canva. So, stick around as we get down and dirty!

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  1. Some debate as to whether you can use Canva content or features to create NFTs. This is the answer I got yesterday from their support: "NFTs are not yet covered by our Content License Agreement and, therefore, cannot be used for commercial purposes." Basically what I was told was that you can't use any Canva content or features to create NFTs.

  2. Hello UBMD! It's nice that I've come across your video as I have been thinking about creating NFT art and Canva. That photo that you used tho, wouldn't that be a copyright issue? I mean can I just grab any photo online and just put the name of the person who owns it and still sell it??

  3. Nice video bro . I have a question, canva has certain inbuilt models like clothes and hairs and faces , can we use them in our nfts ? I tried to find it online in their license agreement, but there was no mention about nfts there . Is it possibe to use their inbuilt models or libraries on our work ? If you know , please answer . Thankyou

  4. If we use the canva elements and slight change or adjust them to make them unique in PS on our layers – does that mean we can use them for an NFT collection of our own? thanks for reply 🙂

  5. Hi, I am having a hard time with QR code being picked up by other phones- I did the frame and a background (is this necessary for the QR code to work?) and then I don't let the code sink into the frame and I adjust the code but its still not working.

  6. Hi Brother, I'm from India; 😢🙏Please can you make video about – "How to make 3D after Effect moving Trading Card by using Canva and Photopea 2021" .
    Please HELP ME, Bro. Make a video I don't have enough money and system facilities to make 3d trading effect Card using tool like Ae, Blender.
    It's my request Bro Please 😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏

  7. Great Video, thank you for sharing. In terms of the foil effect image you used for the background of the QRCode, did you create a video with the foil effect to make it move? and then upload that video in the canva image, thus when converting to gif, it animates it? Thank for providing more clarity on this 🙂

  8. Hi, So I can make art on Canva and then sell it? I am very new to this and am still trying to figure out which platforms do artists use to create digital art. Thank you so much for answering. 🙂

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