How to Draw Anime Face Like a Pro

Learn the PRO WAY to draw Anime Face in this video! In this Anime face drawing tutorial video, I’ll be sharing some tips for drawing an Anime face and cover various topics such as Shapes & Geometries, Skull Structure and Polygon Expression. Follow my guideline closely and you will learn how to draw Anime face like a pro.

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  1. Tell me if I missed something.

    I think that using a sphere is better than a box. I don’t mean using a circle. I mean an actual ball shape. It has the same effect of 3D, and also helps with the construction of the round skull.

  2. I built my own style of drawing the face by studying most of the loomis method and simplified it into anime style. My style is around 70% complete and I can almost draw pretty much any kind of character from any angle with varying head shapes and facial structure depending on the age of the character.

  3. I have have been gifted with power beyond my greatest imagination now the only question is, do I ues it for good, or evil

  4. Hey! Very cool video and I've watched a lot of these types of videoes. My question is what drawing app is recommended for beginners? Using layers is such a huge help, when I do it on paper, its such a pain. I do use Krita but I've not yet learnt how to use it but if that's the best free online drawing app then I'll learn it

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