How to draw basic anatomy

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heyyy new video finally ! i hope this helps ;;v;; if you think there’s anything i need to improve on please let me know !
life has been kicking my asss but im still trying my best so that’s all that matter haha


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  1. You see i know HOW to draw anotomy but my dumb brain cant do it. Like i try and it becomes trash even though i can perfectly think of what i need to do my brain just cant do it. H. E. L. P.

  2. I usually focus on basic structure then use some lines to imply muscle, it's not 100% accurate but it usually sends the message I want

    for learning, I usually just stare at an artist drawing and just sort of absorb it into my mind, then by the time I draw it, it shifts into my style, I like to joke that I just sharingan others' art to adapt it lol

  3. trying to get back into drawing, lost motivation but this was v helpful i’ll keep practicing, ik i’ll get better overtime

  4. aw men i want to draw but dont have pad and brush for it only laptop but il try ig and thx for the tip i really likes drawing stuff and i want to learn more and you really help me thank you very much
    il try using krita program for laptop

  5. You have some of the MOST USEFUL AND UNDERSTANDABLE TUTORIALS I HAVE EVER SEEN thank you, the way you simplify the body into shapes makes it way more easy to understand, i will now be practicing more 💗 THANK YOU

    ps: you are also my favorite artist 🤠🤧🤧✌️✌️

  6. I'm not gonna use the adhd card, but it might be the cause because this tutorial is made so easy to understand but I still have a hard time understanding. sigh I'll just download this and watch it over and over again. thank you blue

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