How To Draw Hair ~ Tutorial 🌱☁️✨

Hey magical sparks! Here’s a tutorial-style video on how I draw hair. This was definitely one of my most requested videos so I hope it might help out at least one or two people! Also, let me know if you’d like a video on colouring hair too 😉

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🌱 00:00 getting set up
🌱 00:43 hand movements
🌱 01:26 hair types
🌱 10:22 different lengths
🌱 11:44 influence of wind
🌱 12:39 specific hairstyles
🌱 15:40 ending & question for you

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  1. I love how you did this so easily but (not to be rude ily) you suck at explaining this, I was really having a hard time keeping up and I was so confused on what you were doing 😕

  2. ive noticed in your tutorials you say you think youre not being helpful but for someone who has never taken advanced art classes and learns better by watching this has helped a bunch. tysm.

  3. Hey its me Cloud and a little question i guess when you do hair or any tutorial can you draw the head in a bit of a darker sketch so if we want the same head we can see how to draw it and the hair tutorial like this one have the dark sketch like this video
    Sorry if i made it complicated i just think ti will be easy for us and everyone that loves your videos like me

  4. I was one of the beginner people that were using your video to improve themselves, and when you said that, I thought you were going to say “. if you’re using this video to improve your art please keep in mind just use this to inspire you. Please do not copy/use my style.” But then you gave that heart warming speech. You are so sweet and I love your channel. Keep up the good work.

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