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How to Make Money Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy- Full Tutorial

how to start selling on etsy today! in this video I give a step by step tutorial on how to create and upload digital files to etsy and make a passive income with it!

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Placeit Mockups:
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a little about me:
I was a bartender for years and got laid of March 2020 due to the virus. I was struggling to pay my bills and decided to find other ways to make income while being in lockdown. I spent countless hours searching and finding what does and doesn’t work. I now have multiple ecommerce stores while selling on various platforms. As a result of that I now have several streams of income that have made it possible for me to actually start living and no longer feel a financial burden. My channel was inspired by all of the help I received from other ecommerce entrepreneurs along my journey and hopefully my channel can help you do the same.

DISCLAIMER: I an not a financial advisor or legal consultant. The content on my website and YouTube videos are for educational purposes only and cite my own personal experiences. In order to make the best financial or legal decision that suits your own needs, you should conduct your own research and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor or lawyer if necessary. Being shown are my personal results and methods and I am in no way making guarantees that you will be successful in making, saving, or investing money; Always remember to make smart decisions and do your own legal & financial research! -Mak 🙂

Some links may be affiliate links meaning by clicking them I will receive a small commission upon a sign up. This does not cost or effect you in any way! Just supports the channel:) thank you !

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  1. I just created a planner template using Canva. I then tried uploading the PDF file of the planner to the mockup I chose on Placeit and I am getting an error message that reads, "Invalid image file. Please upload only png or .jpeg". How is that you were able to upload as pdf??

  2. Are only american citizens are apple to sign in on Etsy ? because this is what i found when i tried to make an acc but idk if i've just missed up somthing

  3. Thank u soo much for the tips & ideas 💯🙏🏼😊. I do have a couple of questions though. Doesn't Etsy charge a fee whenever u receive an order ? & does Placeit charge any monthly fees to utilize their service or is it free ??

  4. What's the resolution size of the art that we need to upload.. That's the part I get really confused about… So that when the customer prints it on a large canvas… It will be good quality

  5. If you use the images on canva is there copy right issues? Or if you use a template on canva, but you change some of the colors ect. is there an issue with copy right or is it fine because it was somewhat modified?

  6. Hi mark! I have a question. I did everything on the video and i used the free listing link in your description. But i cant see that how many chances i have to upload, and they received the payment, so free link didnt work for me 🙁 or if its work and i couldnt see, how can i check if the link worked or not?

  7. GREAT VIDEO!!! However you forgot to tell people that PlaceIt REQUIRIES a membership FEE!!! How come everybody forgets this or intentionally doesn't mention this!!! Here is what you happens when you go to download it: Buy ONLY This Mockup for $7.95 or Unlimited Downloads: From: $7.47 /mo* Love your videos but can you please have a full disclaimer for everything including ALL FEES required for this stuff. TY

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