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How to make Smudge Digital Painting using photoshop | Step by step detailed tutorial in tamil

In this video you can learn about how to make smudge digital painting by step by step tutorial. You might get all your doubts cleared by watching this video. Hit like if enjoy the tutorial.

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Setup the Image
01:16 Make adjustment before smudging
03:34 Paint smudge to Face and Body
10:18Paint smudge to Hair & Facial hair
12:08 Give details to all the Hair
14:26 Final Touch

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  1. Solluvaanga theriyuma therrappo kidaikkathu aana thedama irukkirappo kidaikuminnu apdi kidachathuthaan intha video.4,5 naala neraya video itha paththi thedinan aana oru video olunga kidaikala, ippo verennavo thedapoyi ithu vanthichu.antha brush spacing off panrathu yaarume sollala aana avanuga apdi off pannithaa panraanunga.neenga mattum thaan open ellaam sollirukkeenga romba thx thala❤❤❤

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